When it comes to losing weight, most of us just don’t have any patience to do the “traditional” diet and exercise method. Given that fact, no wonder most of us are always trying to find the newest and fastest way to lose weight. Actually, losing weight fast without the standard diet and exercise is possible. Here are some alternatives:

The Popular Fad Diets

You may have heard them (no, in fact I’m sure you’ve heard about them): grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet, hollywood diet, the 3 day diet, and so on. All of them are designed to satisfy people’s desire to drop some weight in an incredibly short time. Additionally, most of them only concentrate on the meal plan and don’t really care about exercise.

Am I Able To lose some pounds fast with these fad diets? Sure, it is possible. The downsides are they usually have a very strict rule in what you’re permitted to eat. On top of that, the meal plan only focuses on reducing weight without considering your nutrition intakes. Typically, the negative effects are hunger, boredom, and various other effects from poor nutrition. Therefore, it is not advisable to use fad diets for long periods of time.

Fasting Diets

You'll get skinnier when you're stopping to eat for a period of time, but this result usually followed by a bunch of negative side effects. Nevertheless, through years of experience, people discover how to use fasting to shed weight without doing harm to their bodies. By far the most well-known is the lemonade diet (also called Master Cleanse diet). The main concept of this “diet” is cleansing, but since it involves fasting, the person will also lose quite a few pounds throughout the fasting period. As a result, you’ll get two benefits in one go: weight loss and detoxification.

Another well-known technique is combining short term fast and periodic workout. The basic rule is you need to choose one or two days throughout the week to perform short term fast. During that period, you’ll also have a workout session to speed up the fat burning process. This fasting style is a lot more practical in comparison to the previous one.

Using Diet Pills

I’m not saying that using diet pills can make you lose weight faster, but it does make the process easier. The majority of pills are serving as appetite suppresser so you won’t eat more than you need. If you’re snacking too often or always have this desire to order the largest portion size on the restaurant, these pills can help you. Just remember to use it appropriately. If you become addicted, it’ll result in greater problem than just being overweight.

Naturally, you can also choose surgery for immediate weight loss, but you may want to consider the price and the side effects first. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid all those fancy gadgets that you’ve seen on tv commercials. They’re just pricey tools that can’t a single thing aside from depleting your wallet.

There are a lot of ways to lose weight quickly, but all that I’ve mentioned above are merely temporary solution. It’s okay to use them when you need to lose weight fast, but never see them as long term solution. In the end, if you want to stay healthy and slim, healthy eating and smart exercise plan are the way to go.

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