What could be more beautiful than celebrating Love? Whether you want to express your love to your family, your spouse or your friend, the important thing is that it comes from the heart!

The heart has always been the symbol of Love. So what could be better than a heart-shaped cake to show everyone you love how much you care about them. Originally surprise them, the surprise will be guaranteed!

Tired of offering the traditional bouquet or the traditional box of chocolate every year? We have what you need! An original and delicious gift!

CAKE BREAK offers a multitude of love heart cake that will be perfect for expressing all your love to the person of your choice. Whether for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day/Father's Day, or for any other occasion, our heart-shaped cake will be the perfect gift!

To satisfy everyone's tastes, CAKE BREAK offers a multitude of love heart-shaped cakes, whether our Valentine's Day heart cake, our message heart cake or our photo heart cake, you will be sure to please the person who makes your heartbeat!

And because gluttony is a very nice defect, CAKE BREAK Deluxe cake, whose particularity and that it is twice as high as our other cakes, will offer you and the person of your heart a double dose of gluttony!

Do you want to personalize your cake? CAKE BREAK suggests that you print the image of your choice on our heart-shaped cake or add the first name or the inscription of your choice on the chosen heart-shaped cake! Something to surprise your loved one or the person of your heart like never before!

Do not only carry your Love in your heart but share it with a delicious heart-shaped cake.

CAKE BREAK cakes are available in different flavors, so you will inevitably find a flavor that will delight your taste buds and those of your chosen one! If your half, your mom or your dad or even your grandparents are big gourmands, our chocolate filling chocolate flavor should please them!

Our chocolate flavor with chocolate filling is the one that our customers appreciate the most, a classic perfume that is unanimous among young and old! If you are a chocolate lover, CAKE BREAK also offers a chocolate flavor with cherry filling as a fruity alternative.

If you prefer sweeter and fruity flavors, we offer a vanilla scent with raspberry filling, and a vanilla scent with lemon filling for those who like more tangy scents. CAKE BREAK has not forgotten the nougat fans who should appreciate our vanilla flavor with nougat filling which will go perfectly with the almond paste that covers our cakes!

You find the design of our heart love cake a bit simple and you would like to add the personal touch that will melt your half? Why not decorate your cake with pretty marzipan roses, a nice Cake-Topper or little red hearts representing your Love? Everything you need in our "Decoration!" Attach the chosen items to your order so that you can decide for yourself where you want to place them and create the perfect cake!

CAKE BREAK is committed to providing you with the best possible delivery service, which is why our love heart cake is delivered so that it arrives intact. Our cakes are shipped in a very resistant packaging so that they do not slip during transport and so that they are held securely in place. Our packaging, which is immediately recognizable with its pretty pink and white striped design, is specially adapted to each of our cakes and is filled with plastic for transport.

Be inspired by our cakes and decorations and be creative! Surprise your other half or the person who matters most to you by offering them one of our delicious love heart cake and make this gift unforgettable! Our love heart cake will be the ideal gift to satisfy the most greedy!

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Heart Shaped Cakes, The Ultimate Form Of Love Expression. Cakes are an expression of celebration and love, most often used in ceremonial occasions.