Loving Again - a past life regression case study
Like many others, Gale experiences hardship in her marriage. She and her husband have been married for ten years, have three kids, a mortgage and steaming frustration over various issues. “He doesn’t understand me!” she told me in tears. “He doesn’t take part in raising the children or caring for the house. I’m fed up. I don’t love him anymore! I can't be in this relationship! I want a divorce!”

I soothed Gale, offering to check her past life, which may shed some light on the confusing relationship with her husband and the root of her pain. As she was lying down on the massage table, I asked her to inhale white light, relax her body and slip back in time.

Gale saw herself as a housewife with a three-year-old boy, who enjoyed a peaceful life of love and respect with her husband in an English village.
“I see my husband dressed as a soldier, like the rest of the men in the village. A war broke out. There are hectic preparations and much chaos,” Gale explained. “They evacuate the women and the children.” she was becoming stressed.

“What do you see next?” I inquired. “I’m on a small boat with my son, but my husband is left behind. He’s waving goodbye. God, I know I’ll never see him again!” Gale burst into tears. Later, she told me they were taken to Belgium.

A knock on the door a few months later confirmed what she already suspected. She was devastated. Nothing mattered anymore. She somehow raised her son, was never involved with any other man and at the age of forty, died of Pneumonia.
“How do you summarize your life?” I asked the sad and broken woman.

"There’s no point living without love, especially the love I shared with my husband” she sadly replied.

“And who is this soul in your current life?” I asked curiously. “I can’t believe it!” she quickly replied. “It’s my husband, Adam!” Surprisingly, she recognized her current husband. "Any similarities to today's life?" I wondered.

"In Belgium, I got out of the game as soon as my son was able to survive on his own. Today, without the huge love we had at the beginning of our marriage, I want to quit the relationship as well" she concluded. "How come we met again?” “Well, we always incarnate with the same group of souls, this is our 'Soul group'. We help each other learn our spiritual lessons” I explained.

We wrapped the session and she drove home. The next day I receive a phone call. “When I got home last night, Adam was already asleep. I couldn’t help myself. I caressed and kissed him passionately! I’m so happy he’s in my life again! I have butterflies in my stomach, as if we had just met! Thank you so much for reviving my love for my husband!” she said gratefully.
“You’re very welcome” I replied. “And by the way, I didn’t do it. You did …”

Author's Bio: 

Orly Arava is a spiritual life coach. She is an experienced Past Life therapist, Reiki master and a Hypnotist specializing in Past Life regression and discovery.

Science is a main interest for Orly and her high school years were dedicated to the study of biology, chemistry, physics and math. For her, just like in science, there’s a good reason and a purpose for everything in the universe. Including the human behavior.

Staying in a toxic relationship, sabotaging ourselves financially or not finding our soul mate all of serve a deeper purpose. Uncovering the reasons why we bring upon ourselves such hurdles, is the key to healing.

Orly sees regression therapy as a collaborative detective work. You own the information, and subconsciously, the reasoning and the tools for healing. Her job is to help you see the patterns, connect the dots and let go of the past.