A major aspect of loving yourself is taking the loving action suggested by your spiritual guidance. I cannot even begin to tell you how much my life has changed since I’ve been following the advice of my guidance rather than my ego wounded self. Here are just a few of the changes that have occurred for me:

I no longer feel anxious, fearful or depressed. I feel peaceful, joyful and excited about my life most of the time.

Judgments of myself are a thing of the past.

I feel a deep sense of self-worth instead of believing I’m not good enough.

I know I can lovingly manage the challenges that life may send.

I know that my thoughts are creative and that I create my life, rather than feeling like a victim of life.

I know that Spirit is watching out for me and helping me manifest my dreams. I no longer feel alone.

I trust my feelings and my higher guidance so I no longer rely on others or ‘authorities’ to tell me what’s right for me.

I no longer take others’ unloving behavior personally. I know it’s about them, not about me.
Since I wasn’t raised with any sense of God or Spirit, I had to find this on my own. It took a long time for me to trust that what I was hearing from my guidance was real, and to let go of following my ego wounded self. It took courage for me to start to trust my inner guidance – my feelings – and my higher guidance – the thoughts and images that pop into my mind. I had to be willing to love myself enough to take risks rather than opt for what my wounded self told me was ‘safe.’

Diane asked me the following question:

“What do you do if you've received the truth and a loving action from your guidance but don't feel strong enough (or willing enough) to carry it out? In light of our shortcomings, does guidance ever offer alternative loving actions that we are more prepared to do? Thanks for all you do!”

Loving Actions FEEL Loving

It’s my experience that my guidance never suggests loving actions that I’m not strong enough to carry out and that are not loving to myself. But the fact that you feel unwilling indicates that your ego wounded self is in charge, so it’s possible that what you believe is your guidance is really your wounded self, telling you what to do. I’ve never had the experience of my guidance telling me to do something that I don’t want to do. In fact, whenever I receive guidance regarding the loving action, I always feel a sense of relief.

I would say to Diane: “When you don’t feel strong enough or you feel unwilling, you might want to notice that it is likely your wounded self telling you to do something that might not actually be in your highest good. If it doesn’t feel right inside to think about taking the action, then it’s likely from your wounded self. While not all loving actions feel good – such as stopping smoking – it will feel right inside, and when it’s from your guidance, you will feel strong enough to take the action. Your guidance knows what it’s doing!”

Your Feelings Don’t Lie

It takes time and practice to discern the difference between the voice of your wounded self and the voice of your guidance, and your feelings will always let you know which is which. The voice of the wounded self brings fear and stress because it comes from false beliefs and a need to control, while the promptings of guidance bring a sense of peace and relief, because they come from truth.

I hope you love yourself enough to follow your guidance.

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