Today’s eCommerce has become more than a normal purchase; it has evolved as a buying experience from the customer aspect. Be it a mere startup or reaching a certain point of handling a well-maintained consumer base, it has become crucial to stay up to date with the latest eCommerce trends and techniques involved that help to accelerate growth.

Amongst various strategies that help you grow, market or advertise your products/services is a vital one. If you fail to convince the end users to explore your website and make a purchase, you are set to shackle overall conversions on your store.

In marketing, an ability to drive a bond or emotion is necessary to leave a bigger impact on customers’ loyalty towards your brand.

If you are looking for streamlined marketing strategies and its different best practices in regards to your Magento eCommerce store, you may find this article useful. Let’s get started below with a small introduction to digital marketing and its significance in your online business growth.

Digital Marketing and Significance in eCommerce Growth
Digital Marketing is similar to general marketing of any kind of product or service being offered by vendors. However, the only difference involves here is the medium to reach out the target audience i.e. via internet; digital devices.

In such a process, marketers leverage diverse digital channels like social media, emails, and other search engines or their own websites to promote services among active and prospective consumers.

- Increased audience reach
- Spread brand awareness
- Cost and Time effective
- Real-time results and analysis

Best Digital Marketing Tactics

Digital marketing is a vast term and comprises of multiple tactics and digital channels to reach out consumers. These channels involve the one where end users spend more of their time.

And, you are required to align all of them efficiently to ensure a certain level of results. To start with, below are some of the powerful ways that will be of your great help:

1. Social Media Marketing

Over the past several years, social media has emerged as a powerful platform for customers to exchange texts, media, and other valuable thoughts among each other. And, increased usage of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. has created a huge opportunity for merchants to reach those users as well.

This mode of digital marketing has helped many brands to spread brand awareness, generate leads, and drive web traffic as well.

2. Content Marketing

The idea of content marketing is quite clear from its name and refers to promoting your business offerings via content curation. Basically, it deals with advertisements, promotional messages, blogs, etc.
One trick involved here is to provide the audience with quality content which is unique, informative and specifically addresses their needs. This way you are also building loyalty and trust amongst them.

Though writing content may sound easy and convenient to you yet there is a need to follow some basic guidelines (like understanding potential audience needs, content structure, etc.) before consulting any expert Magento developers for crafting any website or blog section.

3. Email Marketing

Email is a traditional eCommerce approach that was previously used for transactional messages like welcome email or order confirmation etc.

With the passing time and increased marketers’ intelligence, it has taken the shape of a marketing tool. Nowadays, retailers are using this medium as a mode of communication to promote content, offers/promotions, and other discounts or events, etc.

Some typical email marketing campaigns are inclusive of follow-up emails, subscription newsletters, and other tips for nurturing present customers, etc.


In summary, I would like to say that eCommerce business always has a lot of marketing tools at their disposal. The overall success of your marketing strategy completely depends on various factors like chosen platforms, content strategy and more.

So, you need to remain clear while planning and executing any marketing campaign that you are aspiring to boost your online store performance while attracting customers and grow better eventually. Also, you need to keep a check on every marketing effort being made by monitoring and tracking the results.

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