Entrepreneurship and the journey to success has always been a love of mine to learn more about and study the successes of such individuals. One such name is Maggie Berghoff.  Maggie is a celebrity health and wellness practitioner, author, mom, mentor, and speaker.  We’re excited to dig into the behind the scenes life of Maggie Berghoff to see just how she did it all!  

Maggie’s Early Life


As far as her personal life is concerned, Maggie is happily married to her husband of four years, and the two are expecting their third child this year.  She was born and raised in Indiana, where she spent most of her time adventuring outdoors at their home in the country, enjoying water sports at the family lake house, or head down in her studies, which unlike many young children, she loved.  She moved from Indiana to Nashville, Tennessee to complete her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Vanderbilt University.  She finished with her Master’s of Science as a Family Nurse Practitioner.   Soon after graduation, Maggie went back to study an advanced specialty training program to broaden her knowledge in Functional and Integrative Medicine at Institute for Functional Medicine.  

Her Career In Brief


Though she is just in her 20s, Maggie Berghoff has seen enormous successes in her career.  She has built a million dollar health and wellness agency, Celproceo, where she along with her team of some of the most renowned practitioners and professionals help high performing men and women excel in their physical and mental health.  She’s worked with some of the most well-known CEOs, professional athletes, and celebrity figures, and focuses on decreasing stressors in order to up-level their energy and help them thrive to gain the competitive edge in business and life.   Maggie also is a sought-after business mentor for health and wellness professionals seeking guidance on building their one online health consulting business. Maggie is featured regularly in too many outlets to list, some including USA Today, CBS, NBC, Under Armour, Glamour, Well + Good, national television, and multiple health documentaries. It’s quite obvious that Maggie Berghoff has something special about her that has led to her quick and early successes, and the rate of her business growth and professional career expansion is admirable.  

What Are The Reasons For Her Success


There are many reasons for the successes of Maggie Berghoff. To begin with, she has always been ambitious, career minded and highly focused in what she was doing.  She’s smart, and picks up new things easily, always eager to learn more and more.  She is extremely knowledgeable in the subject of health and wellness, and has an ability to help people with their health in a way that is fun, simple, sustainable, yet highly cutting-edge.  The best way to know more about her success story would be to have a closer look at her agency, Celproceo. This is a masterpiece in its own right and it has won the trust and confidence of many fast-growing corporations and big names in various industries.  


The Final Word


It is quite obvious that Maggie is no ordinary woman.  We love her balance for excelling in business and also prioritizing her growing family.  In just her 20s what she has built is outstanding, and we are eager to continue to follow along with this powerful woman and be impacted positively from what she is putting into the world.  

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