The Importance of Maintaining Self Control

Self control is important to each of us. The controlled person seems to sit above a situation or circumstance of life. He or she does not allow the circumstance to dictate to them. They dictate to the situation. The person who exercises self control extracts confidence of others because others see the confidence that they themselves have. When you are in control of yourself your attitude is saying that the situation can’t overpower you. You have the upper hand. If you don’t have the upper hand at that particular time you can get it back quickly. Self control shows that you are not worried about what might happen because you will cause what you want to happen.

Exercising self control is more than just an acting job, it is real. When I say this I mean that if you are to truly show self control you must have real inner strength. You can’t fake it because hard situations will tell the truth about what you have in you. Pressure will expose our flaws and weaknesses. If you truly posses self control it will be because you learned under pressure. In other words you will be able to say been there done that, when trouble rises.

We may not be able to control circumstances or people around us but we can exercise control over ourselves. The control which we have over our own spirit will translate to the situation in front of us. You may be able to gain control over an angry or otherwise excited person by remaining calm and collected. I have seen this tactic work many times but the catch is that you can’t get caught up in the attitude of the other person. You will have to maintain your calm demeaner. You really have self control if you are able to maintain control of the situation.

Self control doesn’t focus on the problem it focuses on the solution. Focusing on the problem won’t do you a whole lot of good. It will only serve to keep the problem first and foremost in your mind. Focusing on the solution will show you the way out of the situation if there is a way. I like to believe that there is a solution to every problem that you can go through in life. The key is for you to discern what that solution is.

When you are focused on the solution your focus will serve as a call to action. The solution will force you to move in a positive direction. This is the best possible thing that you can do. Many people who are successful are successful because all of their hard work crossed paths with an opportunity. Opportunity probably passes us by many times in life and we miss it because we didn’t recognize it or couldn’t act on it like we needed to.

You need to really believe that you will in fact prevail in order to have self control in adverse situations. This kind of confidence comes only with experience. Self control comes only through preparation and past winning experiences. When you have prepared for unexpected problems handling them is no big deal when they occur. All you need to do is to handle the flow. I liken this to the wide receiver who has the perfect pass thrown to him. He doesn’t have to break stride or twist his body unnecessarily in order to haul in the pass. He just catches it and continues on his way. He is in perfect control and perfect stride. It doesn’t cause him any bodily trauma to catch the pass.
We can be assured when we have prepared to meet the situations that life throws at us. Preparation breeds confidence which breeds self control. The Good Life

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