What has changed the production process in the past few decades? It is, indeed, technical advancement. A transition to new manufacturing processes has become possible due to automation, the use of modern machines and tools. The much-favored SPMs or Special Purpose Machines are high-productivity machines that offer a vast scope for an increase in productivity and reduction in cost. These machines are much more efficient and useful as compared to the traditional CNC machines.

What is a special-purpose machine?

It is not a specific machine, but a broad category of machines and tools made from a combination of logic controls, sensors, automatic clampers, and limit switches that can perform a task optimally, and effectively. Optimum use of the man-machine system is the core of any SPM. Due to their versatility, efficiency, and ease of use, these machines are widely used in mass production units and machine shops. As mentioned earlier, SPM is not a specific machine, but a broad category;special-purpose machine manufacturers calibrate them as per user specifications. The adoption rate in the field of special-purpose machines is high, and their benefits are many. Frequent change in the global market and consumer preferences bring various risk factors for vendors. A reliable source of market information is necessary for enhancing vendor confidence and productivity. Machine and industrial conveyor manufacturers consider user preferences and demands while designing new products.

What are the uses of SPM in Industries?

It depends on the specifications and requirements of the specific industry. Based on that, special purpose machine manufacturers design machines for a broad spectrum of applications. A majority of them are focused on automation of assembling, inspection operations, and trimming. Here are a few typical examples of SPM in industries.


With the use of Special Purpose Machine, we can create manually assisted or automated stations to carry out assembly of components, checking of functional or geometrical functionality of assemblies, and so on. We can connect the terminals to the MES system so that central supervision can be carried out.

Stringers assemblies

These machines ensure the proper bonding of stringers into a composite panel. It can assemble multiple stingers at a time.

Intelligent tooling machine

These are integrated process control machines that can automate various processes. They are very useful in thermal control and injection functions in mold-making processes.

The pneumatic advanced drilling unit

These machines are ideal for semi-automatic drilling operations. Due to their state-of-the-art quality and reliability, and best-in-the-class performance, it can fulfill the most demanding drilling application needs. The main advantage of using a pneumatic drilling unit is to bring down the cycle time. Modular design makes it a versatile and general-purpose tool.

Why Invensys is different from others

When you are looking for a good-quality special-purpose machine manufacturer, Invensys Engineers is a leading name. It has established its stature uniquely in the niche of process automation and special purpose equipment. It is amongst the leading industrial conveyor manufacturers and redefined the automation domain. The company is led by a profound management team that understands the pulse of the customer psyche. State-of-the-art machinery, equipment, and skilled human resources to understand and manage customer requirements are its unique qualities. Delivery of products and services with high levels of quality and dignity stand out the company uniquely from others.

Designing and fabrication of SPM are quite complicated and user-specific. However, Invensys Engineers is amongst the best special-purpose machine manufacturers because it has the necessary dynamism and flexibility to adjust to the changing business needs quickly. The company brings a rich experience of handling turnkey SPM implementation projects, industrial automation and conveyor systems, and small, medium, and large scales.

Invensys Engineers operates with the vision of providing cost-effective and smart automation project solutions that stand equal with international-standard products. Therefore, the whole manufacturing process follows stringent quality-control mechanisms and guidelines. Process efficiency can be enhanced by the incorporation of modern technology. Special purpose machines make it possible.

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