Let us take an imaginary, hypothetical journey together, you see.
Actually, this is something that is really happening to me.

Although, if it could happen to myself the circumstances could be yours, too.
It involves looking down on our everyday lives, examining what keeps us blue.

This will take a little time for the imagery to take form in each individual mind.
Let us propose that we were born with a preset, contract of a particular kind.

Those of us who have traveled life’s journey more than once will be more aware.
Imagine now that we were born to experience every kind of situation, if you dare!

This may not be the exact scenario for everyone’s continued journey in life, perhaps.
It would explain why eventually this journey in life would sometime have to collapse.

If you like computer games (not really my cup of tea) we may need to play.
The reasons for why we need to play certain life checks, and balances is hard to say.

If we had overdrawn our life’s good resources ‘bank account’ there is a loss of fund.
We are comparing our incarnate Earthly path to such an account, so do not be stunned.

Actually, there is a difference from owing a karmic debt to a proposed mission, per say.
Contemplate on that mission (as a secret) to use our positive loving funds each day.

Think now of the holy mission that Jesus Christ came to this world to accomplish, too.
His Divine vocation (although quite original, none able to copy) is a purposeful clue.

His Father, (the Master Architect of Heaven, and all) was embodied in Christ as known.
A differentiation is that Jesus knew his Divine purpose in life, before he became grown.

There was no erasing of any past life, or denied access to what was the original truth.
His inner knowledge was intact at birth, unlike ours from beings manipulated, uncouth.

Continue (with an open mind) that perhaps one or more of us came with a vocation.
As Jesus told us he was not of this world, perhaps, we, too, had a different location.

The major difference (besides not being God incarnate) was we could not leave!
Those controlling overlords used their nefarious technology making Maya to cleave.

Their evil doings became the reason for a needed Savior to release (us,) the captives.
These primordial, yet technically advanced overlords, remain hidden from our lives.

These fiends live off of our trauma, creating more to eat with wars, and woes.
Such make themselves as kings, and queens (while secretly they are our foes.)

Alas, all was not, and is not lost because there is a Great One who sees their sin.
He put out a call to His children throughout the galaxies for freedom to begin!

For some of us who are not from this plane of existence, yet trapped, are awake.
Finally, our time-line has met with the original mission that has been at stake.

You might say that PTSD has been clarified, transformed from what it was, too.
No longer do the memories of trauma have power to make us blue!

Author's Bio: 

Since June 2018 I have become what is called, "Activated by Caeayaron" who is the Highest Arch Angel with Sovereign Lord Emmanuel the Great. Both Higher Beings speak through their only designated messenger or channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel on their website with hundreds of free videos at: www.Caeayaron.com or on YouTube under Suzanna Maria Emmanuel's name. The Angelic flows I received during that time have enabled me to become a Sacred World Healer, Magnetically Attuned Healer by Caeayaron, and a Universal Love Teacher who is qualified to teach a 7 week course (in person only)on Spirituality to get 'acquainted' with what it means to receive Angelic flows frequencies given by the Great Caeayaron and his only channel, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel who is the Divine Love Element and Universal Light Grid Programmer AKA: former Jesus Christ! This is the time of the great awakening where Caeayaron, Great Mountain of Light reveals the truth about our human history and the need to make a choice for love or not.

You can reach me for a healing using Caeayaron's Angelic flows through this site when leaving comments and I will email you back!