I’m busy. I’m guessing that you are too. With so many different tasks and responsibilities competing for our time, it is hard to find the time for everything in our lives. Therefore, it is important to establish what our main priorities are. To decide what aspects of our lives are more important than the others and allocate the required time and attention.

You might consider that you have lots of priorities but what you really need to decide is which priorities are vital to your life, not just your work. What priorities help you to develop as a person and cement who you are? Below are five areas that are considered to be important to many people, your own priorities might be slightly different. Whatever you decide your own top priorities are, the principle is the same, make time for them and nurture them.


Our family are often our support network, our companions through life and the reason we work so hard. We shouldn’t neglect them or take them for granted. Whilst we might strive to work hard to provide for them, it’s important to remember that our company is just as valuable to them. We need to be able to switch off from work when we’re with them, listen to what they’re saying and spend quality time with them. This is only possible if we manage our work time adequately and ensure that when we’re out of our office/workplace we are not checking emails/social media/ebay sales etc.


Along with our families, our health is probably the most important aspect of our lives. Without good health, we would struggle to work or do alot of the things that we enjoy. Our health is influenced by our genes, wealth and lifestyle factors. We have influence over our wealth and lifestyle factors. Wealth determines the food we can buy but if we are striving for wealth, we might work too many hours and choose quick food fixes at random times of the day, neglecting the need to nourish our bodies with good nutritional meals. Exercise is also known to be important to our health and wealth could buy us a gym membership and the latest top of the range bike. However, if we’re always working, they will just become a waste of money. It is therefore, a fine balance between working enough to be comfortable and finding the time to eat well and exercise and working too much to be wealthy and burning ourselves out so that we make bad food choices and do not have the time or energy for exercise. It is therefore, important to give our health the time priority it needs.


Our careers are important and to do well in our chosen one we often need to study and undergo training. Therefore, along with family and our health, we need to allocate the necessary time to study or keep up to date with developments within our chosen area. We might also need to nurture our professional relationships by networking or team training. Whatever, we need to do to establish, maintain and progress our careers, it shouldn’t be at the expense of our family or our health. We need to allocate the necessary time to each.

Personal Development

Nurturing and developing our mind is important to our work and our relationships. Taking the time to read, travel and seek out new knowledge means that we are constantly evolving. A thirst for knowledge is always worth finding time for.

Spiritual Development

If spiritual development is important, make the time for meditation and allow yourself to nurture your beliefs. Meditation can have a positive effect on our physical and mental health, so making time for it can reap rewards.
Whatever your priorities are, allowing adequate time for them will enrich your life.

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Mike Gardner is The Time Doctor

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