1. Entrepreneurial Excellence
In The Craft of Selling Yourself, Ashraf Chaudhry says we are all entrepreneurs. Everyone - yes you - will benefit if you develop this business-orientated mindset. Labels have a great impact on our mindset. In fact they determine our mindset, action and life.

2. Brand Positioning
Ashraf Chaudhry says: Treat yourself like a brand and an enterprise. Be a brand because you are a brand. Indeed, what we stand for and are is us and is our brand. This is the reality of you. You know what a brand is – think Porsche for cars and Prada for clothes. You can also think McDonald’s or KFC – all bring different images to mind. So what do people think of you – do they think of you as a quality person (brand) or the exact opposite!

3. Enterprising Energy
Brands are enterprises. The word enterprise has a number of meanings, all of them having validity for fueling your mindset. Yes fuel – a driving force. If you are enterprising in your mindset and action you are ready to act confidently with initiative and drive. To successfully run an enterprise you need boldness, energy and industrious action. You also need an adventurous spirit and ingenuity (clever, savvy action). An enterprise is an organization for business purposes. You are an entity, so how enterprising an entity are you and will you be?

4. Organizational Entity
If you need to earn money then you have a business purpose and it makes sense to maximize your business purposes. You have a business purpose; you are a one-person business and an organization for business purposes.

5. Product Line
You have to start with tuning up your mindset. If you now understand that then you are taking the advice of Ashraf Chaudhry who said in his book: Treat yourself like an enterprise. You need to bring out your entrepreneurial skills to push yourself forward. Your skills are your product and service. And you’re CEO of You, Inc. The CEO’s job is to sell all the time: to sell change; to sell his ideas; to sell his vision and to sell his image.

6. Magnified Mind
Your mindset matters and some types of thinking will take you further. When it comes to thinking certain mind thoughts give better direction to your life purpose and goals. This means if you change a name and a thought into something more concrete you can power your life to greater heights.

7. Bring out the Best Blessing
B: Bring out the best in you and your life by switching to an enterprising mode and mindset.
L: Labels and names affect our mindsets and our understanding. Labels we give to ourselves have a great impact on our mindset, determining our mindset, action and life.
E: Entrepreneurial mindset is the actual mindset that we need to develop if we want to be more daring and confident in our business life.
S: Second nature is a state of being where we do things automatically, so if we develop an entrepreneurial mindset that is our second nature we will be in the flow of capitalizing upon business opportunities.
S: Switch to a character framework that sees you with the best entrepreneurial mindset when you approach your business life. Switch to putting your best foot forward with adopting the best practices of the best enterprises.
I: Imagination is the invention of the mind. Imagination is our creation, and so we can create more things if our mind is tuned for best efficiency.
N: Names are important because the best names come with deep meaning, symbolism and can help to propel believers to greater action.
G: Goals are the markers of achievement in our lives and we can fuel our journey toward our goals with an enterprising, entrepreneurial mindset. Getting to our goals is our life purpose and it makes sense to develop the mindset that gets us to our goals swiftly, easily and perfectly.


Author of The Craft of Selling Yourself, Ashraf Chaudhry says you are a unique brand, a brand called you. Ashraf believes you need to think like a sales manager, managing yourself and providing services employers require. Moreover, see yourself as CEO of You, an enterprise where your skills are both product and service. Ashraf is an authority on performance in the world of work, from how to brand yourself to promoting and selling the brand called You. Either we are selling something or we are sleeping.

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