It is ironic, that when the world thinks of food, the only initial thought comes to mind is Indian cuisines, that sum up the taste & flavours, made up of spices. Ginger-Garlic, onion powder, black pepper is highly used to enhance the aroma and taste of Indian food.

People all over the world try to rejuvenate Indian delicacies in their kitchen. There is no unknowing fact to this, except for the rich, resourceful, gifted spices grown across India. Indian spices add charm and tanginess in the dishes that you prepare in your kitchenette.

It’s usual for us to use varied dressings, spices, condiments and seasonings to enhance the taste and make our dining experience more fulfilling & delightful. But there is one of the most important essential ingredient waylaying in every Indian household kitchen. Yes, I am talking sense and some redolence! And that is none other than Ginger-Garlic paste.

1 tablespoon full of ginger garlic paste can add zest and tanginess to your food. Well, this product is totally a pocket-friendly product, and will not cost much to your pocket and cooking. The combined flavours of the paste will leave you astounding. In addition, its manufacturing process gives the delicious and goodness to every bite. By adding the product in your kitchen, it aims to spread the goodness of the Ginger Garlic Paste everywhere. Considering I have been using the product for a long time, it always spell bounded me and my guests at dining experience.

The ginger-garlic paste has made my every meal memorable, delightful and enjoyable. I must say, blending the paste into your favourite recipes, is just like the food curated with love. For that I have curated my top 3 favourite Chinese recipes to the article. So, your aim is to endeavour this magical product real-quick from stores, without wasting much time. There is plethora of options are available online.

It is time to add Ginger-garlic paste to our meals;

1. Ginger-garlic Noodle soup- The most rated soup in my life is this Ginger-garlic Noodle soup, a real escape to cheesy and vegetable soups. The recipe is easy to make at homes. With a blend of aromatic ginger garlic paste, this soup works like a wonder, specifically during colder months. It helps to fight with cold & flu.
• Chopped Green onions, carrots and mushrooms
• 1 spoon of Ginger-garlic paste
• Gluten-free tomato sauce
• Noodles
• Salt as per taste
2. Ginger-garlic chicken – My favorite Chinese recipe blended with Ginger Garlic paste. Those who love to take a Non-vegetarian Chinese cuisine ride, can definitely try out this quirky recipe at homes. One tablespoon of ginger garlic paste can add the zest and freshness to the dish. Dream a delicious dinner with fresh ginger garlic paste available online.

• Boneless & chopped chicken
• Ginger-garlic paste
• Chopped vegetables
• Cornstarch and egg to coat the chicken
• Olive Oil for frying
• Sauces

3. Sprouts blended with Ginger-garlic – You can try this out at your homes simply and without investing too much time. If you are a diet-conscious human then this simple and healthy dish is for you only. Strive for the best! The amazing part of this cuisine is that you may serve the dish with Ginger-garlic smashed potatoes.

• Sprouts
• 1 table spoon of ginger garlic paste along with other spices
• Olive oil
• Red chili flakes & oregano
• Salt as per taste

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