People who are in the limelight often need to pay attention to the way they look. Most movie actors, celebrity sportsmen and women, industrial head honchos, and business people take care to look good. They have their own makeup artist to do their face before they begin their day. This is a ritual they cannot do without.

Doing the celebrity makeup -

Artists who do the makeup for celebrities are in much demand. The Celebrity Makeup Artist in Delhi will take care of your makeup in a matter of minutes. If you were to do it by yourself, it will take a couple of hours before you look presentable. Of course, at times, one has to do the makeup by oneself. One must take care to choose a foundation that resembles the skin color. It is usual to take the color of the chest because this will be closest to the natural skin color. One can use bronzer to get a good base. Angle the makeup mirror so that light falls on your face in a natural way. Avoid getting stressed out the day before.

Makeup tips for women over 50 -

Mature skin begins to lose its elasticity and so one must moisturize it to keep it bouncy. Use hyaluronic acid to add moisture to the facial skin. Only when your skin is moist, it will add luster to any makeup we put on. Avoid direct exposure to the sun and wear a sunscreen when you walk in the sunshine. Eating fruits helps the skin very much.

Dead skin accumulates fast when one is old. Exfoliate every other day and apply freshening cream. Use a facial scrub for exfoliation. Use a face cloth dipped in coconut oil to pat over your exfoliated face. Coconut oil helps to retain moisture and keep the skin elastic.

Wrinkles and sunspots appear due to exposure to the sun. Wear sun protection and sunscreen on your hands and face at all times when you go out in the sun. Once in 3-4 days, use retinol cream. This helps reduce the incidence of wrinkles. It adds a glow to the face.

Remove your makeup at night. This allows the facial skin to breathe. Use creamy cleansers or cleaning oils for this. Choose an appropriate night-time cleanser for mature skin.

Wedding makeup tips -

When you consider makeup on the day of the wedding, there are one or two things to think of. One is to have a makeup trial so that you know what to expect. Second, you must have a second makeup artist on standby. Next, check the time of the year when you are having your wedding. If it is winter, you need a type of makeup and if it is summer, the makeup needs are different. Check with the Wedding Makeup Artist in Delhi if you are from Delhi about this.

Drink lots of water on the day before your wedding. Hydrated skin is plus because it needs lesser makeup. Get your pedicures and manicures well before the D-Day. Check your tan and your teeth. Get rid of the tan and make sure you use a teeth whitening product.

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