When life hands out lemons, why not make lemonade! This approach is deciding to view all situations and circumstances as an opportunity of seeing everything in a good way. The more we practice viewing things positively will help us to shift our attitude away from ‘I can’t…’ towards “I can!”

If we were to ask ourselves, “How does worrying or complaining help?” Or by posing the question, “What positive can come from intentionally seeing things as challenged, difficult, or disempowering?” may help us realize what we are holding in mind. In reality, we dislike being confronted with things we disagree with, disapprove, or don’t understand. So instead of our seeing goodness within a particular situation or positively inquiring within ourselves, many of us have a tendency to focus on perceived negative issues; which only creates more aggravation and makes things even more uncomfortable.

Let’s use the example of our perception of weight. If we are in disagreement with issues related to our weight or appearance, we are very strongly disapproving of this situation. Hopefully you’ll agree that disapproving or complaining about issues related to weight or appearance won’t fix what we are feeling. Discussing with others inappropriate comments about how we feel about health matters or weight issues makes everyone uncomfortable. If we are worrying about gaining weight, that is what we are holding in mind. In truth all of these perceptions are negative. So in order for us to begin feeling better or improve bad situations, we have to begin changing what we are holding in mind. Remember whatever we are holding in mind, is what we are attracting towards us. A better approach of handling concerns about our weight or appearance is to make better decisions in relation to food choices, health and overall self-esteem.

In order to change things, we have to change our focus and improve our attitude. Thought precedes all change. Without our deciding to positively change how we look or how we feel, will actually keep the negative situation in place. We have to first take responsibility for our feelings and perceptions. Then we can initiate making changes. The minute we decide to let go of feeling limited or stuck, is when we will begin moving forward. We also have to accept that we are capable of accomplishing our goal. We need to embrace the attitude of “I can and will achieve my goal!” Notice the difference between feeling stuck and switching gears and beginning to feel empowered. Until we make the decision to experience something better, we will continue to struggle.

We all have the ability to discriminate and make better decisions. So when life hands out lemons, be willing to see things optimistically. Imagine how the situation might be if the conflict was removed in an easy and non-confrontational manner. Just by beginning to shift our thoughts away from ‘I can’t…’ and moving towards “I can!” also allows us to perceive opportunities that we may have previously overlooked. Imagine being in harmony with your weight, health and appearance. As we shift our perception towards a positive outcome, we also feel less awkward. We also begin to feel energized, capable and much more relaxed. Notice the only thing that really changed is what we were holding in mind.

Positive decisions always result in positive outcomes. Be willing to accept whatever situations that arise so that you can gently move past feeling stuck. Taking time to think clearly and optimistically is how we can improve any situation. Each day take the initiative to do something to help yourself feel better. Practice making better decisions. And it is a good idea to also practice feeling in control and safe at all times. Give yourself permission to hold in mind a positive intention for all you do! Allow yourself to enjoy all of your activities. Focus on what you truly would like to achieve and experience in a positive manner. Keep taking steps that are empowering and will help you to continue to move forward. Ask for help if needed. Keep track of your progress and do reward yourself for all of your progress and accomplishments.

Life is a decision. No one decides on your behalf. Decide today is the best time to make changes in your life! Decide today to love yourself more.

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Larry Crane has been teaching The Release® Technique to executives of Fortune 500 companies for years. He has personally trained businessmen, psychiatrists, psychologists, sports and entertainment celebrities, sales people, managers and housewives in the art of letting go of problems, emotions, stress and subconscious blocks that are holding people back from having total abundance and joy in their lives.

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