As the movie ‘2012’ plays in theaters, I am reminded that in 1999, I wrote the following as my mission statement: “My mission is to raise the consciousness of the planet through Radical Forgiveness and create a world of forgiveness by 2012.”

Even then I thought, who the hell did I think I was to imagine I could make this kind of a difference? How grandiose of me! Was I really being serious?

Well, yes, but only up to a point. I had heard about the Mayan calendar coming to an end on December 21, 2012, and I had also read about the predictions about earth changes made by Nostradamus in 1503 and those of Edgar Cayce in the 1940s and so on, but still the whole idea didn’t seem very real to me.

I’d also been taken in a few times before. Remember how California was supposed to fall into the sea somewhere around the late '80s? I bought into that one and sent letters out to all my friends on the west coast suggesting they relocate. Fortunately, they ignored my rantings and simply wrote me off as a new-age weirdo. I had also spent a fortune stocking up in preparation for Y2K and stood by waiting for the world to collapse into chaos as the millennium turned, only to find myself on January 2nd feeling a little silly.

But even if December 21st passes without incident, I will not be cringing in the corner curled up with embarrassment this time. That’s because it is pretty obvious to me that, 2012 notwithstanding, we are definitely heading for a dramatic shift in consciousness in the very near future. Everything points to it and as a matter of fact, I think I was pretty much on target by seeing it occurring somewhere around 2012 and I still do conceive of it being a transition from a world based on separation, fear and greed, to one based on love, harmony, peace and oneness.

However, whether it be exhibited in nature in the social order or as pure consciousness, any breakthrough to a new and higher order of complexity is always preceded by a major collapse of the old. In 2003, I wrote a book called "A Radical Incarnation" in which I wrote a story about a soul who was being prepared for a very special mission. He wouldn’t be very bright, but that would be perfect because his mission was to become the president of the U.S. for two terms during which he would proceed to create the conditions for total collapse to occur. Not only would the breakdown occur in America but throughout the world. Isn’t this what we are now going through?

The story then went on to describe how, once the old world order and the mindset that had sustained it had completely collapsed, mass consciousness would undergo a great transformation and an awakening to the truth of who we were. We would at first be hoping for a great new and charismatic leader to help take us through the awakening process, but we would soon realize that it would be up to each and every one of us to make that choice for ourselves and to be there to help others.

I think there are many that have reached that point of choice, but how do we actually make it and in what ways can we actually make a difference in how the transition actually occurs?

A lot of the predictions focus on the idea that the transition will be cataclysmic. However, there are many writers who point out that it need not be cataclysmic so long as we make the choice now to shift our consciousness. The process needs to be accelerated. At this time, there is an insufficient number of conscious people on the planet to create the critical mass necessary to break us free from our limited world view. The prevailing mass consciousness, with its focus on materiality and its addiction to the victim archetype, continues to hurtle us in the direction of economic disaster, self-annihilation and planetary destruction.

This means that we who are conscious and ready to take the lead in awakening humanity must come together in sufficient numbers to create a powerful singularity of intention to raise the mass vibration so that the Awakening can occur. We must begin to align with each other NOW to make it the reality so we can truly make a difference.

We have the technologies to make it happen if we choose to use them. I believe that the best technology out there is Radical Forgiveness, but if you have your own favorite method of shifting your consciousness, (e.g. the Kabbalah, Transcendental Meditation, etc.), then by all means, use that.

However, it is vitally important that we do our own personal work as well. No one who is not willing to release personal grievances and emotional holdings from the past will be able to contribute to the raising of the consciousness of the planet, no matter how good their intention.

I urge you therefore, to make a list of all the grievances that you are holding, no matter how large or small. Then go to and download a free Radical Forgiveness worksheet. Make copies and begin working through your list in order to literally dissolve all your grievances and clean out your emotional closet. You will feel the energy move almost immediately and you will feel lighter for having released the energy once invested in that grievance. To get a better understanding of the process, you might want to read my book, Radical Forgiveness. This explains the philosophy of Radical Forgiveness.

Just reading the book and doing the worksheets will raise your vibration and enable you to practice living your life from LOVE and gentle acceptance of yourself and others while at the same time raising the consciousness of the planet.

I would emphasize the words ‘at the same time,’ contained in the last sentence for I am not saying that you cannot do the planetary healing work until you have done your own personal work. That would be impossible, for who among us could ever say that we were completely free of any grievances? If we had to wait for us to be totally clean, we wouldn’t even get started.

The point is that just making the commitment to work on ourselves is sufficient. Then we can, in all integrity, turn our attention to raising the consciousness of the planet as well and becoming the difference we want to see.

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Colin Tipping is the acknowledged authority on the application of The Tipping Method, a 'technology' that has come to be recognized as the most powerful leading-edge system for personal and spiritual growth at this time. The Tipping Method technology & system enables you to create the happiness, peace, good health and abundance that is your true birthright. Colin created the Tipping method to better enable the "healing" of individuals, families, races, corporations and communities as we move forward into the future. Please go to to learn more about Colin, The Tipping Method & other Radical Forgiveness strategies.