Let's start with a challenge:
See if you relate to any of the following statements. I want you to be honest with yourself. Each answer is a simple yes or no in your head.

-You are content with your life but realize that you have the potential to achieve more.

-You work hard, but you are not living the ideal life you always envisaged.

-You work hard, and yet, your family is not getting the best of you.

-You spend many days of the week frustrated with yourself.

-Bluntly speaking, there could be more to your life than the one you are currently living.

-You have realized it is time to play a smarter game.

-You understand that it is insane to keep on doing the same things and expect a different result.

-You are willing to do whatever it takes to win the game of your life.

If your answer is yes to most of my statements, I want to tell you that you are not alone. Many people feel this way. Most people feel like they are giving it their best, but the results are not showing it. Would you like to turn your life from a state of emergency to a state of euphoria and success? A state of happiness and fulfillment?

IF you say yes, then let me ask you, who are you expecting to change your situation? It's time to make a smart move. It is time for you to take control!!

Successful people in all fields have acquired and mastered a vital Secret Weapon- taking control of their lives. They don't just do this during the good times; they take control all the time. If something good happens in their life, they know it is because of their direct efforts and actions. In contrast, if things don't go as planned, they know that the finger points only at them. Mastering this weapon means that there is no pointing the finger at anyone but the person in control. And that person is you. Most people are quick to mention their contribution should something go according to plan, yet they are the first to point fingers when things go wrong. You will notice that these people are far from successful. Successful people take ownership of the decisions they make, the good and the bad.

Remember that no one will ever want success more for you than you. To think otherwise is delusional. I see people living life thinking their family, friends, or strangers will someday give them what they want in life. You have a better chance of winning the lottery.

You are the only person who can control things in your life. If things are not going according to plan, then something needs to change. For things to change, you must change. For your results to change, you must change what you are doing or how you are doing it. Ultimately, though, making a change is in your control.

Will it come at a price? Absolutely.

But that is not the question you should be asking. The question is, what price are you currently paying for not taking control? Compare this with the price you must pay to take control and have the life of your dreams. Either way, you will pay the price. You might as well choose to pay the right price and live the life you deserve. Take control.

If you were to think of Life as a video game, who is it that holds the controller when playing a game?


You are in complete control of your life. Sure, there are challenges flying your way, but only you are in control of your maneuvering. You can go back, forward, up, down, or sideways. You can jump, stand still, or roll over. If you don't like where you are in the game, then you move forward. If you stand still whilst in combat mode, you will be killed. You are in charge of defending yourself and moving ahead in the game. The end will not come to you. You must get to the end. You will get scared, you will get hit, and you will get defeated on occasion, but you will survive and move forward. You are the person in control.

Taking control applies to every aspect of your life. Here are a few situations where many don't practice taking control. See if any apply to you.

-You wake up in the morning and, just as you decide to have a good day, you check the mailbox. Whaaam! There are five bills to pay, two of which are unexpected and rather large. You spend the rest of the day depressed.

-You have a business appointment with a client who has agreed to make a purchase. An hour before your meeting, you get a call from your client informing you that he or she no longer will proceed with the purchase. You spend the rest of the day resentful.

-You are on your way home, and the person in front of you cuts you off. You get angry and let out a few words that come from the school of frustration. You spend the rest of the day fuming.

There are two types of people in this world--those who are controlled by their environment and those who control their environment. In the second group are the successful people. Successful people know how to take control of their environment, never letting others dictate what they do or, more importantly, how they feel.

Which of the two types are you?

Does your environment control you? Or do you control your environment?

Could you choose not to let things affect you? Most people live life in reaction to the events and circumstances that surround them. People let their environment or circumstances dictate what they do, when and where they do what they do, and how they think, feel, and act. Why?

Rather than reacting, look at living a life based on your desires and requirements. Act based upon the focus of what you want in order to achieve it. People who are distracted by everything happening in their surroundings do not excel because they are so caught up with insignificant events. Many people behave in a reactive way to changes that occur in their life. They spend countless hours, days, weeks, even years dwelling on past events. Their time and energy is spent. When people are driving on the highway, it is as if most of them spend more time focusing on the bugs hitting their windshield than the road they are traveling on.

Incidents happen all the time. Think of them as the bugs that hit your windshield. The key is to simply take control of the wheel and look beyond the bugs to the road ahead, as you focus on getting to your destination. That doesn't mean that you deny the fact that things can happen, and oh yes, things will happen. Work on being in complete control as you come across challenging circumstances in life. It may be daunting at first, just like taking your first baby steps, but have you thought about walking lately? Very quickly, new skills become natural.

Are you just going to linger long enough, in the hope that something miraculous will happen in your life? Or will you actively do something about your life?

The game of life must be played one way and one way only--on the offense. You must always be one step ahead of the game if you want to win. If you are going to play on the defense, you will end up watching things happen. Successful people always make their moves and preempt the surrounding moves of other people and of circumstances. Playing defense will never get you the results you want. Play the game on the offense and account for your surrounding moves in advance. Again, this will come with practice. The more you do this, the easier it will become. If you truly learn to take control, you will be the first to forgive in a situation. You will be the first to admit your mistakes. You will be the first to make a move on a sale or sign a business deal. You will be the first to show kindness. You will create the energy and motion for others to follow.

Wouldn't the world be a better place when more people start to take control?

Author's Bio: 

Kevin Abdulrahman is The Man Inspiring Millions. He is an International Author of a series of books. He is a world class Inspirational Key Note Speaker, a sought after Mind Nutrition Expert and a Mind Coach to the elite.

Kevin provides customised trainings for his clients that include individuals, universities, companies and athletes, helping them breakthrough to The Next Level.

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