Your pooch is a part of your family, and he deserves the best. Everyone else gets a birthday party, and so should your pet. There are many great ways to celebrate his birthday, and you can bet he’ll love the attention!

First, you need to figure out when you should celebrate your pooch’s birthday. If you bought him from a breeder, then you probably have the information. Some pet stores provide that information, as well. However, if you rescued your pet or adopted him from a shelter, then you may have no clue as to when he was born. Well, unfortunately he won’t know either, so it’s all up to you! How about establishing his birthday on the day that you brought him home? Or maybe the day when he completed obedience classes? You can pick any day you would like, but it’s more special, not to mention easier to remember, if it means something.

Second, it’s time to start planning the location. You can take him to a dog park, the lake, or have a party in your backyard. Wherever you choose, make sure it is somewhere that your dog enjoys and a place where you can celebrate with other canine guests.

Once you choose the location, then it’s time to start inviting! Lucky for you, there are tons of online dog stores that offer entire party kits, including invitations, decorations, and cake mix. If you want to make your own, then purchase a handful of small raw hides and mail them with the party information. Or, you can send a small goody bag filled with treats. Wow, the neighborhood dogs will really be chasing the mailman now!

If your dog is well-socialized and loves the company of others, then it’s easy to make an invite list. If you have friends with pets or your dog has a companion down the road, then invite all of them. Your friends will enjoy brining their dog to a play date, and your dog will enjoy the companionship. If your dog is aggressive toward other animals or has not been properly socialized, then you should consider having a party with just the family. That way, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of a dog fight.

You have the location and the invite list, so now it’s time to start planning the party favors. The cake is very important. All the guests will love a sweet treat. You can buy cake mixes made especially for pooches, or you can make a cake at home. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to make a second cake for your non-canine guests!

Instead of a plain, round, or square-shaped cake, go for something fun! You can purchase bone-shaped cake pans or muffin pans for around $20. If you are decorating the cake yourself, then throw some dog bones on top or a handful of your pup’s favorite treats. There are also alternatives to cakes. You can make dog cookies or special dog treats. The possibilities are endless, and it is all up to you to be creative.

You can’t have a party without presents! This is a great opportunity to give your dog a new toy or two. You can also get him new bedding or a new collar. Whatever you have been putting off buying for your pup, buy it for his birthday! Instead of your friends bringing gifts (you probably don’t want a house full of dog toys), then ask them to bring their own Frisbees or games to play. One Frisbee and five dogs is probably not a good idea. But, the animals and owners should be entertained while they are there.

Before the party, then treat your pooch to a grooming. You can do this at home, or take him to a professional. Thoroughly brush out his coat, and give him a good bath. You can also trim the hair around his eyes and clip his toenails. He will love the special treatment!

You have established your dog’s birthday and planned a party. What’s next? Celebration! Spending a day at the park or with friends in the backyard will make your pup happy. He’ll love the attentions and all the treats. You and your friends will enjoy the fun of the party, too!

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