POWER+ Natural remedy for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation.

Nothing causes greater concern than a sign or symptom of problems in sexual life - whether it's inability to perform during a sexual intercourse, to get pleasure from it, or to conceive a child. Sexual mishaps are not mandatory accompaniment of the aging process. And although over the years, they happen more often, homeopathy can help even those over eighty. Therefore, impotence must be treated as temporary and curable ailment.

Impotence is conventionally considered as a state where a man can not achieve an erection or erection appears for a short period. Every other representative of the stronger sex on is familiar with this situation. If the absence of erection is repeated several times, then we can talk about impotence.

As a practitioner of homeopathy I am often faced with patients having one or the other problem in the sexual sphere. Arriving at an appointment, the person becomes aware that his problems of psychological, emotional or physical nature are directly linked to sexual disorders.
Conversely, a common cause of impotence is an undetected physical illness, particularly diabetes, high cholesterol, early stage of a heart disease or a side effect of taking certain medications.

Gathering of all the necessary information (often it takes 1-2 hours), allows me not only to individually pick up the necessary homeopathic remedies, but also in detail, step by step, to try to explain to the patient, the reasons and circumstances, which at one time served as the trigger mechanism of a disease.

My conversation with a patient is conducted in a particularly sensitive manner in order to isolate a man from the added stress and gives him the opportunity to respond to his own concerns and to understand the causes of his impotence, and especially to appreciate all those complex signals from the various body systems, which make possible a normal sexual life.

Unfortunately, only every tenth man confronted with sexual disorders refers to a specialist.

Remember - having a huge arsenal of tools and fully adhering to the principle of individualization of a treatment, homeopathy can help with missing or incomplete erection, painful erections, rapid ejaculation, reduced or missing sex drive, psychogenic impotence, hormonal shifts.

The use of homeopathy gives patients an opportunity to look afresh at their feelings, desires, and relationships with the opposite sex.

P.S. Sexual failures sometimes hide "educational" measures applied by women to men. Lack of certain biologically active substances, including hormones contained in the male sperm, and of those produced by a female body while experiencing full orgasm leads to premature aging.

Dear women, you have something to ponder...

Hilda Spektor, ND


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POWER+ remedies are developed with care by Hilda Spektor (ND) to offer
a complete solution for holistic health and wellness.

Graduated from Clayton college as Naturopathy Doctor. Major in Homeopathy.
MS in biology and chemistry.