Man and woman are polarities intended by divine existence to create the flow of life. Man and woman are the opposite poles of potential energy of life. Between them life is flowing. When polarities meet each other, between them the spark of love happens. Both polarities are needed to create this permanent flow of life. Both polarities are needed to create this flow of creativity. Both poles are needed to create this flow of love.

Man and woman are not opposites but complements of the whole life itself. They are the two wings of a bird flying in the blue sky. They are pilgrimaging together in the colorful passages of infinite life itself. And the synergy of man and woman creates the full spectrum of multi-dimensional energy of life.

The miraculous phenomenon of life exists between polarities. It means life cannot exist with only one pole. Both poles, negative and positive, receptive and active, day and night, the sky and the ground are needed to create the harmonious flow of life. Both poles are joined together for this beautiful dance of life. Both poles dance in this waltz of aliveness. Both polarities are included in the whole.

By meeting each other, by dissolving into each other, man and woman compose the beautiful harmony of life. Life becomes a dance between them. Just imagine our Earth with only men… Just imagine our Earth with only women… How boring would be such a world. How empty would be such a world. Man alone is absolutely incomplete in this picture. Woman alone is incomplete in this picture too. Only both of them make this picture bright, luminous and realized.

Man and woman are the heart and the mind of this mysterious unit of life... They are the poetry and prose of life together… They compose the divine rhythms of life. They are both the aliveness of existence itself. In this waltzing harmony man and woman can fully realize the beautiful symphony of life. Why to even compare them? Why to even try to win in these relationships? Why to even play these childish games of ego?

Why to participate in creating these artificial barriers between the most valued treasures created by existence? Instead of splitting the whole into parts, why not to dance the life together? Why not to enjoy the life together? Why not to reach for the stars and be simultaneously rooted in the ground together? When man and woman are together in the dance of life, then life obtains its intrinsic qualities of festivity and celebration.

Such togetherness becomes the dance of life, because both hearts beat in the same rhythm of love and both souls sing the beautiful song which is not possible otherwise... The day of finding the missing part of your heart is not only the great day for you. But it is also a great day for the whole existence that starts celebrating the main mystery of life: the mystery of man and woman’s togetherness, the mystery of man and woman’s love and the mystery of man and woman’s synergy.

Author's Bio: 

Oleg Moskvine is the founder of the Dancing Physicist System.