In today’s online world people want numerous advanced facilities to fulfill their ever growing wishes. People want the ease and flexibility in their shopping and this is the driving force behind deflecting the people towards the online platform. There are various online platforms available for the people to shop different variety of products of their need. Online shopping is the modern way. The ease, the choices, the availability of options is what people crave for.

The tons of store proprietors out there in the smartphones and online websites want to invest more and more resources to come up with technological innovations for increasing customer base and revenue. They are willing to spend maximum dollars for customer retention.

Wouldn't it be a feasible investment in a technology which could let the customers select delivery date and time for order shipment in accordance with their convenience? Would it not be a delight for the customers if after choosing the shipping method, customers could handpick their preferred date and time by using date selector and time choice drop down? Yes! This is possible by adding a delivery date extension tool to your eCommerce website and mobile application.

Online retailers, giant sized business vendors find it exceptionally problematic to manage orders from the back end. If handling the delivery date of orders is frightening for you then the best response to your ecommerce glitches is Magento Delivery Date Extension. It will comfort you by rationalizing order managing procedures and safeguarding ample amount of time and money. “Magento add delivery date to checkout” extension provides you to add delivery date & time feature to your online platform with a simple checkout.

Many of the eComs have had a drop down in purchases because of inopportune delivery choices in the past. Among the necessary solutions analyzed by them were secure delivery dates, following day delivery, 2-hour delivery periods, etc. The assumption was understandable – customers were not pleased with normal delivery and demanded flexible and separate delivery options for plotting their time. If they don’t get the options, they tend to leave your store.

What Do The Retailers Get by Using a Delivery Date Extension?

Delivery date extensions like the Magento delivery date extension can organize date format, time, national holidays, weekend days, time range, comment delivery note. Delivery time & date is a user-oriented feature. It is really easy to use with incorporated in the frontend. Customers can choose date & time and they can also choose predefined comments that can cope up automatically. It is also planned easily after shipping method segment that brings the finest logic for customers.

Let us see some features of a delivery date extension:

Flexibility in Scheduling Delivery

It will empower your customers to schedule delivery in accordance with their convenience. The easy to use in front end feature leaves the customers ultra satisfied when they can fix a particular time interval accepting a particular delivery.

Date and Time Amenity

Not just scheduling, you can even let the customers decide the date and a time slot when they would want to get the order delivered. This feature also brings in the efficiency in logistics management.

Say No to Disturbing Calls to Your Customers

With this extension, you would know for sure that the customer will be present at the delivery address. Unlike your competitors, if you use this plugin, you would be serving your customers more fluidly.

Let the Customers Leave You Delivery Notes

The plugin allows your customers to see the delivery status bringing ever increased transparency during delivery. Next to the delivery status, in the provider column, your customers would leave you Delivery notes. They would be able to convey their preferences to you swiftly. And when you know what your customer wants you to do, you can serve them the best. It will force your customer to feel the fact that the delivery procedure has never been so transparent!

Decreased Rejection Rate and Increased Usability

When the customer does not get the desired preferences, they leave the store in disgust. But when you would empower them with these flexibilities and transparency, the rejection rate would decrease, the usability will increase and so will the revenue of your business. This is a kind of feature which has the tendency of making your customer, a fan of your service. It ducks all the misinterpretations and miscommunication and replaced it with a pure and simple delivery process.

Reduces Resources Exploitation

With the feature of scheduled delivery, the delivery service can be planned accordingly. And a smoother system of delivery without any wastage of time can be established. Your delivery person would no longer have to wait at the customer's door steps. This makes the logistics and delivery system more efficient and reduces the cost of delivery.

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Maulik Shah is the Founder and CEO of AppJetty, a fast growing software add-on store selling extensions and plugins for various technologies, including Odoo themes and odoo apps Magento 1 extensions and Magento 2 extensions like Magento Delivery Date Extension. Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about the various aspects of ecommerce technology.