Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that you will be doing something you enjoy and getting paid for it? What would it be worth to you to stop searching for your dream job and be working in your dream job instead? Can you imagine what it would be like to have offers flood your email box and people come up to you seeking your talents and skills to help their businesses?

Until now, the process of manifesting a dream job started with identifying it first. But what if, like many people, you didn’t know what it was? You would feel doomed from the start! You would search high and low, try everything you could, take endless quizzes, personality tests, and write essays, and still not know what exactly your dream job was. Worse yet, what if your dream job didn’t exist in a neat little package that you could just do a search for and click on a button to apply for it?

There are many creative, talented, intelligent people whose dream jobs don’t exist as jobs and yet not everyone is in a position to jump into the role of an entrepreneur to create their own jobs. What is a passionate, enthusiastic dream job seeker to do?

The very fact that you find yourself in this position means that you aren’t getting the results you want using the methods you have tried. This is a good thing because it means you are willing to try new things and do what it takes to have your dream job. Even if you don’t know exactly what your dream job is, you realize that there is something (whether it exists in form right now or not) that is exciting and fulfilling that you are striving for.

Many times, if you notice people who are seeking something like a dream job, you can sense a lot of resistance. A lot of it may come from trying a lot of different things and feeling a sense of failure or frustration. If you feel like you’re struggling against the tide all the time, you likely have a very strong subconscious block keeping you from the very thing you are searching for.

Flower essences are powerful vibrational remedies that work on an energetic level to clear subconscious blocks. An individual flower essence is created by one of several methods, usually by capturing the essence of a flower by putting flowers of one type of plant into water and “solarizing” or allowing the sun’s rays to potenize the water with the infusion of the flower’s energies. Then this infusion is diluted (similar to the process in homeopathy but not always to the high levels of dilution) and then the water is preserved using alcohol or vinegar. Droplets of this liquid are then added to a glass of water or taken directly under the tongue every few hours for several days or weeks.

The theory behind flower essences is based on the idea that flowers hold high energetic vibrations that can influence our emotions and subconscious patterns. Different flowers have different properties which are often determined by their individual signatures which can include their color, structure, symmetry, and more.

When you are seeking something but your subconscious is blocking you because it believes that you would be safer without what you are seeking, this erroneous belief can be eradicated using flower essences by bringing clarity to the subconscious block which would then allow you to consciously eliminate the belief and make different decisions accordingly.

For example, if you believe that because you haven’t found your dream job yet that you will never find it, by removing the block to never being able to find your dream job, you will emitting a new energetic vibration. Oftentimes this new energetic vibration works on such a deep level that you may not even notice it, but others around you may pick up on this new energetic vibration as openness and may approach you about opportunities that they would otherwise never have mentioned because previously they sensed a vibration of heavy resistance in your presence.

To start making shifts immediately, you may try the following flower essences. La Vie de la Rose offers a beautiful set of flower essences as part of their Ascension Oracle Solutions. Three flower essences from this collection (also available for sale individually) that I believe would be powerful tools to manifest your dream job are: Unfolding Higher Purpose©, Magnetism©, and Perfected Manifestation©. Unfolding Higher Purpose© enhances cultivation of clarity and encourages flow and momentum during major transitions. Magnetism© directly aids in fulfilling your Higher Purpose. The quality that you can cultivate using the Magnetism© essence will align you with the resources and tools you need to fulfill your life purpose. Perfected Manifestation© is the essence that supports you through the entire manifestation process from conception to final form. It also assists in bringing to light any self-limiting beliefs so you can transcend them to achieve your purpose.

Other flower essences you may also consider include Bach Flower Essence Larch for a fear of failure or self-doubt. It is natural to feel doubt when you are in the process of taking risks; Larch helps bolster a sense of confidence. You may also choose to take Bach Flower Essence Chestnut Bud to break out of repeating the same mistake over and over again. For example, if you keep applying for the same type of job knowing it doesn’t feel right but you feel you should instead of exploring other possibilities, this flower essence will help you gain clarity about your patterns so you can break free of them. You might also take Skyflowers Receptivity Essence (Neoregelia pinelliana) to broaden your horizons and take in more possibilities. This is especially useful when you are feeling stuck and are frustrated by what you see. By breaking out of your current sphere of vision, you will become aware of the multitude of options that exist for you.

So how exactly can flower essences help when you don’t know your dream job even after taking numerous tests and trying different career paths? Inspiration and intuition. When you connect to your Higher Self, you start noticing things around you that you never noticed before. Flower essences help you connect to that intuition. You become aware of yourself from a different dimension. You may never have noticed that you feel completely engrossed in a particular topic and never thought of using that knowledge or passion in a career. All of a sudden, you awaken to the possibility that there are positions out there where you could spend all day researching that very topic.

What if you know what you want to do and that job just doesn’t exist and you don’t want to become an entrepreneur? Flower essences help you get past either-or thinking. The world is a complex and beautiful place with many possibilities. You may end up volunteering for an organization doing something you enjoy that soon gets funds to create a position for you. Someone may contact you to collaborate on a project that later turns into a business partnership. You may end up starting your dream job as a hobby and then slowly build it up and gain sponsors and advertising partnerships until it bypasses your current salary, allowing you to work at it full-time. There are endless ways in which you can manifest your dream job. The important part is to start aligning yourself with that energy and the best way is to take inspired action. Instead of just focusing on the possibilities you currently see and discouraging yourself from your dream job, you can use flower essences to shift your perception. After a few days or weeks of taking flower essences, you will feel differently. Subtle, but important shifts will be taking place on an energetic level. You will find yourself taking inspired action instead of following an endless to-do list.

Doing a hundred things just to put in effort will give way to doing 2-3 things that you naturally feel drawn to. Some of it may not make logical sense immediately. You may be drawn to talk to someone in line at a coffee shop who then mentions that she knows someone who does what you are interested in. Instead of feeling envious, you feel energized and end up contacting this person for an informational interview so you can learn more. Small, seemingly unimportant steps will soon start spiraling you into a whole new place. Without moving or making any drastic changes, you might find yourself wondering how you could have missed out on so many opportunities that now appear right in front of your eyes.

There are several different things at play here. Some of it has to do with shifting perception. Some of it has to do with dissolving subconscious blocks. But on another level, there is an entire web of connections that we are not aware of. When we make energetic shifts, we are sending different vibrations to that energy web which in turn communicates to others who are also resonating at that similar vibration.

Time is not an issue when you are focused on the process. It can happen instantly or it can take days, weeks, or months. If you aren’t involved in your dream job in some capacity (either as a hobby, volunteer position, part-time job, freelance or project opportunity, etc.) within a few months, you may need to examine if there are other factors that are blocking you and take the appropriate flower essences for those issues as well as take action to make the necessary changes to your current circumstances to make space for your dream job. From this place, you can then use flower essences to remove blocks to money and support so you can take your project or hobby and turn it into a long-term career doing what you love.

Like attracts like. People like to be around others with similar interests, values, and passions. It is natural to affect the greater whole – which means that without you consciously contacting a hundred new people a day, you might be magnetizing the one individual who enjoys similar topics and ideas towards you. As you actively participate in life, try new things, and meet new people, that person may appear in your life and offer you an opportunity that turns into your dream job. Just like there are millions of different jobs in the world, there are millions of different ways to get your dream job. Not knowing what exactly it is or the exact steps to get it are not an issue when you use flower essences. By clearing away layers of blocks from fear of failure to lack of faith, you are opening the channel for your dream job to find you.

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Meghan Lane is the founder of Manifest with Flower Essences (http://manifestwithfloweressences.blogspot.com) - your source for the latest and most interesting information about flower essences. Meghan is a writer, marketing manager, avid hiker, traveler, and flower essence enthusiast in her mid-thirties. She is passionate about various energy healing and manifestation techniques. She is a Certified Life Coach and a journaling workshop leader.