Do you know who you are ? You are not any specific age, race, size, gender, etc – just a very wise soul on a new spiritual journey in this specific lifetime. Some folks talk about the idea of soul mates, but I have a different definition. To me, a soul mate is not limited to an intimate lover but rather simply, another kindred spirit who simply “enables you” to be your very best.

A more accurate definition of a soul mate therefore can be a friend, a beloved pet, a mother, father, brother sister, and “maybe” even a piano. A soul-mate piano “enables” you and without him, you would have a difficult time feeling complete. But of course, there are more piano husbands too :o)

There is not one soul mate in each life if we've lived 1,000 past lives. Such a narrow view denies us a deep opportunity of gratitude of all the soul mates we have had, and will share. Each soul mate is presented through fate as we engage a new journey.

It often begins when 2 soul mates meet. There is uncanny identification with another person that draws in our curiosity. A deep feeling of calm knocks on our door, even when we may be too afraid to answer. Moments of De Ja Vu appear, synchronicities happen, and telepathy can also occur without reason nor explanation.

Often a new lover-type soul mate appears only at the time we succeed in moving past our feelings, both good and bad, about an ex-lover. With this new-found emotional clarity & freedom, spiritual lessons are gifted, and the next spiritual lessons begin.

Each friend, lover, mate, and pet we attract is simply a mirror of our "latest and greatest dreams" that our soul seeks today. A true soul mate does not always bring only fond feelings, and at times, can bring pain and grief. Pain and grief are not the goal. Rather, it is the expression & “clearing” of such outmoded feelings and ways of being rooted in the past that “free & enable you” to be who your soul wishes to be today is.

NEW SOUL MATES ARE WAITING, BUT CAN'T FIND YOU because you are not engaging activities that express your soul's true passions. When you express your passions, time flies by, and your authentic soul shines through and … is seen by all soul-mate admirers.

THE KEY TO MANIFESTING SOUL MATES: Identify the old and new passions and activities that EXPRESS your present-day soul's needs via or others to find the kindred spirits who seek to further “enable” you as true soul mates do.

Wishing You All the Very Best on Your Journey


Mike Schopp

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Mike Schopp is a Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant Counselor with 20+ years of working via Phone & Skype and offers a “Money-back Guarantee” on all readings. He has been a “guest psychic” on radio and has provided entertaining spiritual, psychic, & mediumship development courses & presentations in China, Thailand, England & USA. Educated at the Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Mediums in Essex, England and the California School of Psychology, he blends channeling with his professional experiences in counseling, career assessment, and organizational development to jump-start others to identify & achieve their soul's dreams.

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