Imagine a one-stop shop for all your DIY and home improvement needs, one which would not just allow you to buy everything in one platform but also let you purchase all your needs completely online. This is exactly what offers!

Manomano as a brand is present in several different countries such as Spain, the United Kindom, France, Germany. It is an all-in-one platform where you have numerous options from various brands and merchants so you will always find what you are looking for. Whether it is materials for that garden you have been dreaming of or you are just upcycling a table you got from the flea market, Manomano will surely have it.

 reliable or scam ? : A different kind of platform

Now you may be wondering what exactly makes this different from online marketplaces like Amazon. This is a fair question but this site is way more than a marketplace. Manomano act as a marketplace so many shops and marchand will advertise and promote their products on the platform.

First of all, although all brands are welcome to sell on Manomano, they have strict criteria of who they would let on their marketplace. This means that you should not worry about having any problems with defective items from no-name or fake brands. Aside from quality control, it is highly dedicated to DIY products like your local hardware stores making searching easier.

Mano mano select carefully some marchand and shop to make close partnership to improve the range of products on their platform. Many people compare manomano and amazon and define them as two strong and reliable platform to buy specific products online. Also, if you are interested in buying gardening tools, home accessories or DIY engine, then you should select Manomano rather than going to Amazon.

best products of DIY, home improvement and gardening

Articles to help you

Another great thing that we like about Manomano is the Blogs they post on their own website. These blogs have tips and tricks for a newbie or even veteran DIYers which can help you on your projects. Topics are diverse. You will be able to find articles on gardening, on carpentry, and they even have an article on making your own bath soap from milk! Their blogs is heaven for anyone interested in making their own items.

Advisers willing to give a hand

Among the most common blogs they post are on the best items for certain categories. This can help you in choosing which is best for you among the numerous products listed. If after reading the articles you still weary and need more advice they have dedicated advisers which can help you with your project. This is something that you would not normally see in typical marketplaces where companies are just middlemen.

Amazing prices! Manomano : the Amazon of DIY

Prices on are considerably lower than what you would usually find on physical stores. This is due to several reasons, for one, they only serve as the brudge between you and the merchant so they do not have overhead costs like most physical stores have. However, the main driving force behind their low prices is their great relationship with their merchants. They negotiate for you so you do not have to bargain anymore and you are sure paying the best price on the market. They strive to give you the best items but still keeping the costs down.

best brands like bosch, makita and black decker promote manomano

Manomano won some contest in 2018 : the perfect marketplace ?

Mano mano is originally a French star-up that spread in Europe (Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy) since a couple of months. In the end of 2018, Manomano won some contest :

  • DIY Week : Awards 2018 Finalist
  • Retail Week Awards Finalist in 2018

Those awards show that Mano mano invest a lot to build a strong and efficient platform to give value and really become the number one on their market : an online DIY shopping site, community in home improvement and gardening products.

What can you buy on Manomano

We have been saying that Manomano is your one-stop shop, but what exactly can you buy from there? The site carries various brands and also has the top brands for DIY such as Black & Decker, Bosch, Grohe, Timberpro, and more. No need to switch from the brands that you are used to because they carry them on the site as well.

Manomano has 11 main categories: garden and outdoor, kitchen, tools, bathroom, heating and plumbing, pet care, electrical, lighting, flooring, hardware, and cleaning materials. These categories are neatly displayed on a drop-down menu on any of the pages of the site. This allows for hassle-free and convenient searching especially if you are still unsure of exactly what you want. In case you already know your exact item, they also have a search function ready for you.

How to order on the official

Ordering and getting your items have never been easier. You can expect your product at your doorstep soon after finishing these four easy steps!

  1. The first step is to of course find the item that you want to purchase. From here, you can quickly click on add to basket to continue to the next step of your purchase.
  2. Now that your purchase is in your basket, you need to sign in or create your account. They will ask for the usual details such as your name and billing address. This is quick and can be done in a minute or two.
  3. Depending on whether you are a return customer or a new one, you may be asked for your payment details. They have a very secure payment method so no need to worry about getting your details stolen.
  4. Now you’re done and you just need to wait for your delivery.

the telegraph, independant and other medias recommend Manomano as the Amazon of DIY

Ordering on this site is very easy. Even those who are not that good with technology can order without any problems. There are also no hidden payments or fine lines that you should be wary of as well.

Payment and Delivery Methods : is Manomano safe ?

Like in most online marketplaces, the fastest way to pay for your item is through credit or debit online payment. They have secure payments so you do not need to worry about your information ever being stolen or shared to any third party. Another payment method is through bank transfer. However, this takes 3-7 days for Manomano to validate. Note that you will not receive a confirmation email nor will your purchase be complete unless payments are settled completely.

So where exactly does Manomano deliver and what are the costs? Since this is, products can be shipped through most of the UK. Delivery fees may differ from product to product especially if you are buying a lot or of the item is big. The final detail of the delivery fee will be shown on the delivery stage of your order.

What do people think about Mano mano : reliable or scam ?

Now that we get most of our products online, the only way we can really check for the quality is through testimonials of other people. This is why we put high importance to this here. Manomano received a 68% excellent rating on TrustPilot. TrustPilot is a third-party site and this ensures that there are no biases.

Customer testimonial & reviews about this marketplace

Customers are very impressed at how easy it is to order on the site. They also love the great customer service that they receive. We always say that customer service is very important since this adds the human touch to the otherwise very automatic world of e-commerce so any site that is great in this is a good one in our books. Mano mano telephone number of the customer service is 01766 808005 form UK if you want to contact their call center to get help for a pending or realized order.

reviews and testimonial of consumers who bought on manomano

Although most of the customers love Manomano and recommend it, there are some who are not quite impressed. Most of the complaints posted were about late deliveries. As we mentioned earlier, the merchants on the site manage the shipping and delivery so this is beyond Manomano’s control. However, we do agree that they should be stricter with their merchants regarding this to maintain the standards of their site.

There are also complaints about customers receiving the wrong item. Again, this is beyond their scope but they should still take care of this aspect.

Our own experience after shopping on Mano mano

Now, this review would not be complete without us actually trying this out for you guys. Our own experience and review about Manomano will show you another first-hand experience of the website. This also shows you whether the website truly works the way they claim it on the review sites.

First, the interface. We find it very easy to use and very modern and appealing to the eye. You quickly see the different categories which can help you navigate through your purchase. There is also a quick search bar for those who already know what they need. We also found it very helpful that they have the blogs set up for new DIYers. Another great feature that we tried out on the site is the live chat support which will help you answer any of your queries. This addition makes it feel more and more like a physical store where you can ask the sellers specific questions about where to find the products or which product would be best for your projects.

Now, on to ordering. Once you have chosen your item you can quickly add it to your basket. However, you can only proceed with payments after you have created your own account on the site. This can be annoying for those who want something quick but if you will be a return customer you will be happy that you have already saved your information. During this step, you will be asked to input your address. Once the account has been made, we were redirected to payment.

The Verdict : keep Mano mano in your favourite shopping list ?

Overall, we highly recommend Manomano to anyone who is looking for a more reliable online source for their supplies. This online hardware store is a one-stop shop where you will definitely find everything you need for the project. The blogs posted and the live chat available gives it a more personal aspect and really give a helping hand to their customers which shows that they do care. The only negative is that they do not control the logistics so you might need to look at the specific merchants if you want to make your purchase.

advantages to buy on

In overall, here is the advantages that people rate and review about Manomano :

  • Large range of DIY accessories, gardening products and home improvement tools
  • Customer service Mano mano is reliable and effective
  • A lot of guide and articles to help you on DIY subjects
  • Secure, efficient payment and delivery in a few working days

Reviews about Manomano are generally pretty good (there are still some people who face delay in the delivery) but globally we can rate Manomano as a relevant and efficient website to find home improvement and gardening products. Do you have a a DIY project or maybe a repair you need to do? What are you waiting for? Head on to for great quality supplies at affordable prices.

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