People who have been married for many years often find their sexual lives becoming stale and predictable. The business of life, children and careers can interfere with maintaining a close bond and the deep understanding and intimacy we all long to share with another person can slip through our fingers. We may have started our relationship feeling like soul mates but as time passes we can easily lose touch with one another.

Erotic massage is the perfect tool to bring a long term, committed relationship back to life. It can be extremely beneficial to each person individually as well as restore the foundation of your connection to each other and marriage intimacy. Erotic massage invites emotional and spiritual energy into a relationship in a way that common sexual encounters can not.

Many relationships are damaged over the years by harsh encounters and differences of opinion. It is hard to be together for any length of time without saying things you regret or having your feelings hurt. Erotic massage can heal these emotional hurts by bringing positive spiritual energy to your body, mind and soul and allowing the negative energy to escape through the use of touch. Indeed an erotic massage can often bring the receiver to tears, but they are the tears that release the negative energy and make room for the positive energy that can replace it.

As we age together as a couple we often encounter physical difficulties that can interfere with intimacy. We are less agile or have sustained an injury. Our joints may hurt and we may be less than healthy from years of stress and poor heath care. Massage can greatly improve the physical well being of an individual. The power of the touch of a loved one can work out years of neglect and ease the discomfort of physical pain. This will pave the way for more enjoyable erotic interaction.

Anger, hurt and physical pain can all stand in the path of spiritual fulfillment. Using massage to remove the debris of life will open you up to a heightened spiritual awareness. As the immediate discomforts of day to day living fall away you will be reinvigorated and able to take hold more firmly of life, love and happiness. Spirituality and wholeness can than move into the place where once you were consumed with earthly cares and regrets.

Use the ancient tool of erotic massage to relax together in moments of intimacy. Full body massage shared by committed couples can help erase years of stress that may have shut down or stalled even the healthiest of relationships. The power of touch is both therapeutic and healing. Use it to find your way back to one another.

The first thing you must do is put aside all expectations developed from your previous years of sexual encounters. Make a decision to begin anew using a new method of connection. Agree to take the time and effort to learn erotic massage techniques gleaned from centuries of use and practice. They will provide the vehicle to finding your way back to true intimacy.

The foundation of erotic massage is relaxation and openness. Begin any couple massage by creating a quiet, comfortable space for uninterrupted enjoyment. Soft music, candles and massage oil are all useful tools to bring to the experience. Take the time to prepare. Talk about the how, what and where, of the massage a day or so before so that you can begin to anticipate and prepare.

When the time comes leave several hours open and preferably let the experience spill over in a night wrapped in each other’s arms.

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