Material handling trays are an extremely important part of modern industries. When an industry has access to efficient material handling trays, it can operate all the functions smoothly without any obstacles. Also, it ensures that all the activities take place within the pre-decided budget. There are several materials like molded fiberglass, thermoformed plastic, etc. that help in making effective material handling trays. Different trays serve different purposes in various industries.
Applications of Material Handling Trays
Material handling trays are extremely useful in a wide range of industries. Chemical industries, rubber industry, metalworking as well as machinery operators – each one of them requires high-quality material handling trays for different purposes. Modern material handling trays are useful in niches like electronics, transportation industry, and utility industry as well. Without proper access to material handling trays, these industries will not be able to function properly.
Modern Material Handling Trays That Enhance Efficiency
Material handling containers and trays have a dimensionally stable nature. Even under extreme conditions or stress loads, these trays offer a prominent level of stability. Such trays are open to easy and convenient integration with machinery and robotic applications of different types. This is why material handling trays are so much important for every type of industry. These trays allow easy and convenient stacking, and hence even heavy-duty storage is possible. Also, these material handling trays do not corrode, bend, or dent easily. The most satisfying thing about the trays is that they can withstand mild acids, alkaline solutions, grease, oil, and radiation. Also, they are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.
Different Types of Material Handling Trays
• Ultra-light totes and containers: These are quite light in weight. Also, these are capable of withstanding various industrial usage.
• Stacking containers: These stacking containers prove to be quite handy in a plethora of material handling requirements.
• Nest and stack containers: These material handling trays are suitable for heavy-duty storage purposes. They also prove to be of much help in case of work in process and distribution applications.
• Nesting containers: These trays are quite helpful as they serve as trays, drawers, stock boxes, pans, and so on. They offer efficient material handling facilities for various industries.
• Conveyor and assembly trays: It is quite easy to integrate these containers with conveyors and rack storage systems.
• Wash boxes: Their integral drain holes and slots help in easing down the draining, washing, and storage of small parts.
• Hoppers: They are suitable for storing things in small proportions, pre-packaged goods, and components.
• Ventilation trays: These trays provide maximum airflow and thus helps in swift drying and cooling.
Leading material handling trays manufacturers will always work closely with their clients in order to come up with customized material handling trays as per their needs and preferences. A material handling tray manufacturer aims to produce creative, robust as well as cost-effective material handling trays that can serve different purposes in multiple industries.
Thus, we can see that material handling trays are an inseparable part of modern industries and help in enhancing the efficiency level in easing down the complication of storage and handling jobs.

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