The field of education witnesses consistent evolution in techniques and methods of teaching. Most primary and Montessori teachers are expected by the schools to be up-to-date with the latest trends. A number of teacher training courses have been introduced in India for both aspirants and experienced teachers for this very purpose. They not only help teachers to accumulate raw materials for teaching but train them on the entire art of teaching.
The teacher training courses in India are designed for various levels of schools like pre-school, Montessori and primary levels and a teacher can choose the appropriate course depending on personal preference and area of expertise.
Montessori teachers are responsible for teaching children between the ages of two to two years old and hence, create the very foundation on which a child later grows and develops a unique personality. In a Montessori course , trainees are first taught on child psychology and the nature of children of this age group. Teachers are trained to focus on bringing about cognitive, emotional, social and physical development of a child. A proper Montessori course trains a teacher to unleash a child’s inherent imaginative skills and help a child in his social interactions and make children learn through their physical senses. The best teaching methods for Montessori teachers are through group activities like song, drama, art, puppetry, dance and rhymes, which are interesting and enjoyable to children and help them to express themselves verbally and develop language. A teacher in a Montessori course learns the most effective ways of using best Montessori teaching materials like games, colored pens, puzzles, papers and many more.
Primary teacher training is one of the most popular teacher training courses in India. Primary teachers are entrusted to create in a child a general consciousness about the environment and develop behavioral and moral values in them. A primary teacher training course gets a teacher updated about the latest methods and skills of teaching suitable for primary school students. Aspirants as well as experienced teachers are trained to plan and execute lessons which are both interesting and understandable to these young learners. Primary teacher training helps a teacher to make lessons interactive and demonstrative to make the most profound impact on the minds of children. On completion of this course, a teacher can face the young students confidently and becomes competent in handling a classroom, disciplining students while giving free scope to a child’s curiosity to grow and bloom.
People hesitating to take up teaching as a profession because of lack of know-how don’t have a reason to think twice anymore. Even experienced teachers often find themselves facing difficulty in judging and planning the correct teaching material. There are a plenty of specialized teacher training courses in India, which not only arm the teachers with the right teaching material but also train them to plan courses and execute lessons in the best possible way. Teachers who have gone through certified courses will also find no dearth of teaching jobs in India.

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