Imagination is the secret of life because it is what you see in your mind’s eye that you have the unction to go after. Imagination is the element in nature with which you can create your future. It is in the imagination that everything in life takes their form, it is the mighty instrument by which every author, writer, inventor or innovator opened the way to create things that we see in the world today. It is the psychic mental power that turns things physically impossible to possibilities. This creative power is the medium by which we can penetrate into new world of thoughts and experience their various forms.

You can only achieve in life what you can see in your imaginative faculty and what you perceive with the eye of creative nature. If you believe that you are a failure in the creative imaginative realm, failure will follow you in real life. See your success and work towards it. If you cannot see your prosperity and greatness in the realm of imagination,forget about it.

Imagination gathers up materials which the mind weaves into fabric in which the future is clothed. It paints and colors your world because as you are inside, so, are you outside. Whatever appears in your imaginative house and you believe it will surely appear to you in reality. All external forms take the exact images of what has been presented to the subconscious.

Imagination is an act of seeing what the ordinary eyes cannot see, it helps you to put novelty in whatever you do, helps you rebrand yourself, business, career and profession. Some mentally lazy people will rather choose to live by fate than going through mental discipline. The whole mechanism of the mind does not think in words or languages but pictures, symbols and images. Imagination is the creator of those things we earnestly desire in life. A great imaginative faculty is a midas touch in life, without which nature is but a skeleton. Empower your life with the power of your creative imagination. Be a great imaginative explorer!

When someone is successful, people say that he or she is lucky, but actually, I know that a successful person has been to the land of imagination, took hold of the reins of life and that is the singular reason why he or she now reigns as a success. With creative imagination, a person rises to great heights of achievement through mental discipline, imaginative exploration and reality thinking. All these require great work. Nothing great has ever been done without endurance and perseverance.

The difference between failure and success is a tiny imaginary line. History is full of the story of the achievement of people who utilized the power of their creative imagination. Bring your dreams to happy issue by putting to work the power of your creative imagination and enjoy a life of prosperity.

©Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

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