When despite undergoing spiritual practice ones psyche does not manifest inspiration and brilliance that leads to a bondage free life, a devotee starts despairing and feels that it’s a waste to do spiritual practices. While stepping on this ladder those who desire soul well being must know that they too do not have the capacity to ignore eternal laws put forth by Divine Powers and Almighty God.

It is the law of stepwise evolution via which we are bound to the fruits of our actions and the world. One gets a salary only after working for one month. An engine functions only after imbibing optimum measure of steam and heat. In hot summer when via sun’s heat the sea water gets converted to clouds only then do we get rains. Even man’s birth is bound by the law of stepwise evolution. It is only after resting in the mother’s womb for about 9 months that he/she is born in this world.

The middle times are meant for effort and necessary arrangements. Those who use up more and more of their brains for this effort manifest more zeal and alertness. The results attained by them are healthy and mature. Those who are impatient agitated and desire results before the appointed hour, not only do not attain the fruits but that many a times are seen to face dire danger.

Regarding the above scriptural seers give an example of a farmer:

Kshetre bina prayatnena vanyatrina samudbhavaha.

Bhuyo bhuyoho krishe pakshe mahandhya jayate.

MEANING: A farmer sows seeds in his field. Saplings grow. In between wild weeds, grass etc grow without effort. These prove to be dangerous to the farmer.

The worship of soul evolution too is like this. Seeds of vile taints and thoughts of past lifetimes dwelling in the psyche grow on their own. Many a times the state of mind is so doubt ridden that when a tainted thought manifests in the devotee’s psyche he/she feels it could never have been thought by him/her. But know for sure that it is the psychic imprint (Sanskar) of previous life times which we do not know directly but it sure does agitate and confound us. Under such circumstances what should one do? Scriptural subtle seers give us the following method:

Krishakasya prayatnena savadhanasya nityashaha.

Varanam kriyate tesham krishe raksha cha jayate.

MEANING: Shrewd farmers know that this grass, weeds etc that grow on their own are dangerous. Hence regularly and diligently these are uprooted by the farmer.

Evam chitte swabhavena nana durvasanodayaha.

Jayamano manushasya klesha santatikaranam.

Kevalam tatra yatnena bhuyobhuyaha kritena vai.

Nirodhaha shakyate kartum tasamunmulanam tatha.

MEANING: In the same way in the psyche of man infinite weeds in the form of bad desires crop up. As a result one experiences pain and strife. In order to oppose this state success is attained only if intense efforts are made again and again. These taints can be uprooted only via cautious sustained efforts.

Scriptural seers call efforts as shrewdness. They have not merely said that only those who with great effort ward off bad desires attain the goal. In fact they have added:

Dhirairutsahsampannaiha shradhavishwas dharibhihi.

Kartum tatparyate naiva rashavishta manasai.

MEANING: Only a person full of faith, trust, zest, patience and valor can obstruct and uproot bad desires and tainted thoughts. Those whose psyche is full of doubts and who are not sure whether they will reap success lag far away from the goal. They give up efforts mid way itself.

One can learn the art of imbibing faith and trust from a farmer. The farmer knows that on sowing seeds saplings will definitely grow. This then is trust and faith means showing enthusiasm for that trust. Only trust won’t work because faith too should manifest deeply. If we harbor hope and zest, the time taken for the fruit to mature and trust to intensify will pass quite smoothely. Then one enthusiastically makes apt efforts. If suppose when the plants are midway in their growing stage and the farmer starts doubting whether he will succeed or not he will give up making sustained effort and thus the hope of reaping success too weakens. Thus all his previous efforts go in vain. Now to succeed again one will have to restart the entire process of making fresh efforts and the previous time will thus be wasted.

There is no doubt that desires and bad thoughts are transient. Wholesome resolves and healthy thinking that give joy and bliss are that much more long lasting. So although definitely we must realize that since bad thoughts are transient they can be overcome yet like a shrewd farmer a devotee who is alert for life ultimately tastes eternal success.

Tasya devasya savitahaprasavanam ya ishita.

Prakash prernam labdhva vastuto jivan pradam.

Nashta ye dushta sanskarastesham khadyena nityashaha.

Sadvicharaha prarohanti shubh sankalpa varina.

Ultimately scriptural seers say that Almighty Lord who is radiant Savita incarnate renders blissful by bestowing his inspiring divine light on those who worship him. But for this, intense sustained effort is most required. This then is called spiritual practice. It means those who augment their sacred resolves and ceaselessly throw in it fertilizer in the form of tainted desires/sins reap success ultimately like a shrewd farmer. Thus Savita soul imbibes their intellect. It means that Savita renders such devotees/seekers divinely radiant and brilliant like itself.

All around us we visualize a widespread world whose chief substratum is Sun God. Via Gayatri Mantra we worship this sun which bestows life and can meditate on it too. Soul is verily sun, by imbibing this sentiment if we chant Gayatri we attain divine wisdom. In the last portion of the Mantra a devotee asks god to give him/her a sacred intellect. Gayatri worship verily is prayer to the very first rays of light in this world. When we desire to hear the radio, initially a light has to be lit in it. Thus when it aptly gets warm in that light we can hear whatever we desire to do so. In the same way when the psyche or mind is optimally focused/concentrated we experience soul light. With the help of that light we can attain whatever we desire.

As soon as God’s illumining existence enters this dark gloomy nature its very subtle and pious portion gets separated from the gross and impure portion. From the gross and impure portion the lower worlds are created and via the very subtle and pious portion the upper world is created. Since in the gross and impure portion there is grossness and impurity light does not enter it optimally but in the very subtle and pious portion light enters aptly. Light and fire carry out various tasks due to their characteristic of heat. Gayatri is called ‘Agnimukhi’ in scriptures. Heat creates 2 qualities which are opposites. One by separating the subtle watery material from gross earthy material renders it that much more subtle and makes the earthy material more gross and hard. Thus heat separates opposing elements and unites those that are similar in characteristic.

Thus on the basis of lesser or more light three classifications can be made viz. higher world, middle world and lower world. The higher world is only of knowledge. It is conscious, immortal and imperishable and in this cosmos it is the only most sacred land.

The middle world can be called heaven oriented. Its topic is very mytserious and a secret. It is a fact that the laws of nature are very straightforward and facile and none should find difficulty in understanding them. But very few walk on this path and out of those few who do walk on this path do so with the aim that those who do not have the necessary credentials should not find out these mysteries. Hence very cautiously while treading on this path these few people hide their footprints. Those who walk on this path without the guidance of a masterly true Guru stray away thousands of times from the path. This middle land is below the ‘knowledge’ land and where the ‘knowledge’ land has only light, the middle land has a bit of earthly portion too.

When this world is created initially there are 2 root elements. One is a very subtle illumining principle and the other gross, dark and gloomy principle. The first principle has light, mobility and warmth. The second principle cannot give light, inspiration and performing actions. It is female or nature in form (Prakriti). Our world is created via the first principle.

It is via heat that materials become subtle. All types of creation, augmentation and union take place via these 2 elements. Since it is subtle, light aptly enters it and if it is gross less light enters it. For example when clarified butter or Ghee is hard and gross light does not enter it and if anothet material enters it we will not know. But when via heat we boil it then even if a small blade of grass lies at the bottom of the vessel we will clearly see it.

It is because of heat and cold that materials take up various forms. The subtlest form of matter is air in form, less subtle form is water and very gross form is earth in nature. From this analysis it can be understood that adept Yogis via powers like Anima, Laghima, Mahima etc transform themselves into gross or subtler forms. But as long as an aspirant does not imbibe subtle elements till then it is not possible to make them understand or experience these powers.

In order that this entire world becomes conscious, light must enter it both within and without. Whatever we see being created in this world is due to light. God decided that sun would be the place where this light and its influence will dwell but yet we cannot say that apart from the sun light does not exist anywhere else.

Sun God who is the very soul of animate/inanimate beings has risen. This Mantra of worship is chanted at Sandhya (dawn, noon and dusk). The sun is the soul of the world. Just as a woman without a male remains barren, in the same way earth without the sun too is barren. Via the existence of the sun not only do plants grow on earth but that all conscious beings are created and nurtured via it.

Every human being is a cosmos. Its soul is like the sun, surrounding which planets, molecules etc revolve. Atoms and cells that move in the human body manifest a special type of electricity. On getting influenced by this very electricity the brain, senses and other bodily parts function. The medium that manifests consciousness in inert materials is this. Ordinarily atoms harbor movement. They do not manifest thinking and experience of any kind. But human electricity which is called vital force or Prana creates consciousness, thinking and experience in the group of inert atoms and thus commences active life. Lifeless life without experience exists in stones, rocks etc.

Surrounding the polar regions of earth, magnetic storms roam about. It is like unsteady coloring in the form of Aurora Borealis. This polar region brings radiations, light and influence from other planets on earth and sends earth’s special qualities to other cosmic worlds. We can call this polar region as the point of contact of the cosmos. Via the medium of this polar region, reflection of interplanetary influence takes place and thus earth maintains a certain balance. Not only this, but in the current situations of other planets, a great gift comes from this polar region reflections. Ere this give and take were to stop such a dangerous change will come about on earth that life would find it difficult to sustain itself. Along with this because there will be a change as far as the class and state of planets in the functioning of the solar system, a great change will be noted. Reflection from earth based polar region maintains the present state of the solar system. A minor functioning in a minor area is contributing so much to the circumambulation of planets around the great sun. The more one deeply cogitates over this reality more important mysteries can be unfolded.

Man’s psyche too is such a conscious polar center. Within it are many known and unknown potentials like desire power, emotional power, power of resolve or Sankalpa, magnetic power etc. If only these are awakened and one learns how to make wholesome use of it then the flow of all energies of the cosmos will manifest in human existence. Human psyche that helps in the functioning of the solar system is limitless like the sky and whatever exists in it is infinitely more powerful than interstellar space. Despite all this, one fails to understand how we are blissfully unaware of this great divine wealth present, albeit latently in our soul. Ere somehow we contact this root fount of divine energy then like the great ocean of the nucleus we can by conjining to conscious energy carry out the most impossible task at the individual level. Sun or Savita is man’s icon and deity. The goal of a living being is to merge into ones icon.

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