The world has become a global village and when it’s about culture, it is the global culture. Surprisingly, some people do believe that globalization is typically associated with the world economy which is not more than a myth, as this term is widely used for different mediums, whether its culture, art, music, or communication. Really, globalization has many facets.
Globalization has crossed the traditional boundaries of our minds as it reached the beyond the conventional limits. The ideas and customs of various popular cultures of around the globe are fashioned with each other, hence creating a global culture which represents the different classes and masses of the five continents. Moreover, this cross border distribution of ideas and traditions is making a suitable environment for those who really want to enjoy the fruits of globalization.
No doubt, eastern societies are quite conservative and mostly pay no attention on intercultural communication which is the major drawback for such societies. On the other hand their rich culture and millions of traditions are not an easy job to follow for a young man who is bombard with media messages from the west. So it’s good to come out of the cocoons and express whatever you are. Same with western civilization where family system is not successful, now with the help of cross culture activities, westerners are also considering the benefits of combined families.
Other than typical believes and myths, globalization is also changing the old ways of sharing your emotions and feelings in the old fashioned ways. Now emails and text messaging is in fashion. Contrary to this now people are quite confident about sharing gossips with their love ones and friends on international chat rooms. Rather than spending time in planted environment of closed societies where they can’t’ even enjoy their freedom as well. Really, people want to know about culture which cans suites their daily needs without disturbing their routine lives.
Globalization is also influencing the core believes of the common persons, who do believe that traditional music, art, language and dressing is the integral part of their day to day lives. But thanks to the modern tools of globalization like print and electronic media, these old believes are constantly changing. Moreover, the fusion between cultures is taking place on a rapid level. Fortunately, now the global culture exists in every famous city of the world, where rich heritage and culture of different countries can be seen. Moreover, the intercultural communication is taking place in different regions of the world.

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