Instagram started 11 years ago and since then the social media platform has revolutionized how we share pictures today. At the time, no one had an inkling as to the potential Instagram had. Among the many people opening up accounts and simply sharing photos was Liran Mizrahi. 


Today, Mizrahi is an Instagram expert who helps people not only succeed on the platform but has studied to understand the algorithms that make the platform work. So, how did Mizrahi become such an expert? 

Based in Israel, Mizrahi started with a rather small Instagram account and picked it up from there. He started to have fun getting to know Instagram and contacting people for collaborations. As the years started to go by, Mizrahi realized there was a lot more to Instagram and he wanted to help people succeed. Mizrahi also wanted to help those who had been left behind on the social media platform. 

Mizrahi landed a job at Google and he started to understand the Instagram algorithms. He also conducted research in the way Instagram algorithms work. He started to slowly be recognized in Israel as he started small Instagram pages. As Mizrahi’s popularity began to grow, he started being approached by high-profile people, VIPs, and celebrities who were asking for his advice. 

As Mizrahi started to help them gain exposure, so did he. He made a network and his work reached a point where he left his job at Google and he started to focus fully on Instagram. 

The work started to grow and he was attracting many clients. Mizrahi was managing 250 clients and their 250 Instagram accounts. The work had become to require longer hours and he was feeling more pressure. He was approached by people who came to him for help in various departments related to the photo-sharing platform, such as hacking, working out their exposure, and issues. Having done so much, Mizrahi feels most proud of the fact that he was able to help people solve their problems. 

During this journey, things were not always easy for Mizrahi. He came to a point where he started understanding the workings behind account hacks and how they needed protection. Mizrahi diverted his efforts to preventing account hacks and how to return hacked accounts. He was able to return clients’ hacked accounts proving his skills to be beyond extraordinary. 

When talking about success and inspiration, Mizrahi says that connections are extremely important. Mizrahi says that he has had the privilege of seeing his clients such as business owners become successful. Mizrahi likes to stay in touch with his clients and he has managed to build a loyal community where everyone is supportive. For Mizrahi, this is where he wants to be. 

Finally, for anyone trying to do anything in life, Mizrahi says to stay genuine and authentic. You will be respected for it and it never gets old. Mizrahi also advises everyone to be pleasant and to cheer for others. Your time will come too. These are some words that can make an incredible difference to people’s lives and help those who are trying to do something but are doubting themselves. Mizrahi is an example that proves hard work pays off.  

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