Quite a number of young women don't even have a notion about how to get a guy back after he has lost his affection for them. They just about consistently go about it the wrong way! Happily, there's truly an easy fix to the situation!

Girls, does this sound somewhat familiar to you? You happen upon this great guy. Then you will start a romance and your relationship is going nicely for the first couple of weeks or even months. You are really absolutely certain he is truly into you -- probably even in love with you.

And then all of a sudden, just when you get down to wondering if he's Mr. Right, your beau loses interest in you and starts to pull away.

In the days and weeks to come, you spend almost all your time replaying your last conversation with him in your mind, seeking out clues as to what may have brought on your split up.

What did you do or say? What should you have said or done? You ask yourself, "What happened?" "Where did I go wrong?"

Someday, when you can't dope out anything that you would likely have done wrong, you go on to wonder if there's something wrong with him. Maybe he has intimacy issues, maybe he has a drug problem, just might be he met someone else. Could he be gay?

When a fella loses his affection in a relationship, the girl ponders about where she fumbled and tries desperately to fast-talk him back. A girl's natural tendencies are frequently a contributing factor in the separation.

Here's something you can do to stop handcuffing your efforts to attract your man back. Exploiting techniques that work on most women is the most frequent blunder made when seeking to win a man back.

Why do many formulas for getting a lover back fail?

They fail merely because they don't zero in on or take care of the motive for why your boyfriend left you or lost his affection to start with.

So even if you are able to get your boyfriend back by carrying out one of the typical ploys, it's going to be short-term at best in as much as the reason for your breakup goes unresolved.

The reality that gentlemen aren't usually spontaneous to go public with their feelings long enough so that you can discover precisely what it was that led him to lose his affection complicates your situation.

There are rudimentary factors that they may not even be conscious of, that make them routinely make an attempt to neutralize relationships that are going well.

This pushes a woman to make an educated guess as to what caused him to lose his affection for her. More times than not, they guess wrong and try to troubleshoot the wrong thing.

Here are a few of the more common causes for why a fella loses interest in a relationship.

*Guys lose interest because you are far too needy

If you're constantly designing little reasons to telephone your boyfriend or invite him over, he is going to see that as a wake-up call that you are not able to stand on your own two feet.

If you just can't bring yourself to get rid of that spider in the corner, contact a close friend to do it.

Of course, if your boyfriend is already at your place when you encounter Mr. spider, then you can hand him a flip-flop and let him wield the noble footwear as defender of his mate.

Hold on to your self-respect and the number for a car mechanic, plumber, electrician and any other handy-person you could ever need.

*Men lose affection because you give into sex too soon

Take it slow, you really do not want to be a prude, but you prefer not to be a floozy either.

Be that package under the Christmas tree that he can't wait to open. There is everything to gain because the sex is in no way going to make him stay with you if the relationship was in peril from the get go.

*Guys lose affection as a result of the love interest is just too available

Dudes like the quest. They enjoy it when the "prey" teases them somewhat. Don't always be the reliable weekend date that he can make a last minute call to. Don't normally be there, don't always pick up the phone.

You had a life before he came along. That's one thing that attracted him to you. Don't forget that time and become a mystery to your fellow once more.

*Guys lose interest due to the fact that you are too competitive

Whenever the girl comes across as "too much," a man will have the suspicion that he's not deserving of her and that she is entitled to someone who is more on her own level. The male ego can be a fragile thing sometimes.

Certainly, be strong and know your own mind, nonetheless you should not flaunt it. Keep that to yourself. He would rather see your softer and nicer side.

Show your dominance in the office. That's where it serves you better anyway.

Conversely, never, under any circumstances back down if somebody challenges you in public 'cause you feel your boyfriend could think it unladylike. Stand your ground when it is necessary.

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