Yes, there is such a thing.

A meditation technique that helps you to overcome shyness.

It’s a meditation technique I’ve used for over 6 years and it’s helped me a great deal.

If you follow any of my articles or read about me then you know I’ve overcome shyness and gotten to the point where I networked with celebrities, directors etc... and I credit a lot of my success to this one meditation technique.

When you use this technique once a week your shyness will start to go away little by little, and it’s something you can do for less than 30 minutes. Ideally you would do it longer for better results.

You see, a lot of meditation techniques focus on visualization, creativity and elevating your thoughts.

This particular meditation is different.

It focuses on detoxing your thoughts. And appropriately that’s what I call it.

The Thought Detox Method.

One of similarity many shy men have is they think A LOT.

Probably too much thinking.

Their thoughts are overactive and makes them think of negative scenarios even if it’s never going to happen.

In order to start overcoming shyness you have to first detox your thoughts and here’s how to do it:

Step 1

Turn off all your electronic devices, cellphones, ipod, laptops. Anything that can distract you. These modern devices are designed to capture your attention and keep it. It’s like we’re in a constant digital “High”. Almost like it’s a drug we can’t detach from.

Step 2

Now that all digital devices around you are off I want you to sit for 5-10mintues in silence as your brain adjusts to not receiving any artificial stimulus. You don’t have to close your eyes, they can stay open. Just notice and observe your thoughts for 5-10minutes.

Step 3

Now that your mind adjusted to fewer stimuli close your eyes and take that feeling with you. The feeling and sensation of having less things fighting for your attention.

Step 4

This is where the meditation is different. I don’t want you to think of relaxing thoughts. Think of something that fires you up instead. Maybe an action movie, maybe a situation you felt raw energy in your body (like when you play sports). I want you to keep that feeling and hold on to it. Think of nothing else.

Step 5

Don’t strain yourself, but hold that feeling and focus on it for the remainder of the meditation and don’t think of anything else. As you get better at focusing the raw feeling you’ll start to take more notice of the physical sensations in your body and it will ground you into the physical reality instead of the abstract thought world.

Step 6

When you are ready, open your eyes. This step is pretty important. Once you’ve opened your eyes I want you to go do some mundane physical work. Washing the dishes, fixing your bed, anything that needs to get done around the house. This further solidifies your attention into the physical world.

Step 7

Repeat week after week.

You’ll notice most outgoing people don’t spend too much time thinking. They are grounded in physical reality and physical situations. When you ask them why they don’t feel nervous in some situations you’ll notice they don’t have an answer for it, it’s because they don’t give it much thought.

They focus more on dealing with the reactions and response from others in real time than spend that time inside their head To Continue Learning More About This Article Follow This Link: More on shyness from this author

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