Menstrual cramps are something 50% of women of childbearing age face at least for two to three days each month! For some, it is even worse and can put them to bed. Some have it so bad that one prominent professor of reproductive health called it “as bad as having a heart attack”. Till some years, the only way a woman could face it was using either a hot compress or using over the counter medicine like ibuprofen. But now there are more options available like cramp relief patches. These medicated skin patches provide almost round the clock relief to suffering women. But how do these cramp relief patches work and why are they the best? Here are some points about them.

• To start with, let’s first understand what exactly a menstrual cramp is and how you can have a flow that is cram free. Uterine contractions are caused my uterine muscles that contract and relax like other muscles of your body. Most of these contractions are unnoticeable, but some are really strong. For those who suffer from dysmenorrhea, it can also induce nausea, diarrhoea, headaches and general weakness. For most, the first three days are the main culprit with the first day being the worst.

• Most of these cramp relief patches have menthol as one of their main ingredients.

• The next thing to know is how to use it. Generally, they have medical-grade polymer blend adhesive and you stick it directly on your skin. So, to avoid your skin hair from being pulled up when you remove them, use a wet cloth while peeling it off.

• The patches can be worn for more than 12 hours for some thus providing the woman a long-term relief against painkillers that can provide only relief intermittently. Plus, it is easy to wear and unlike tablets, you don’t need to take it more than once. It also gives the woman the freedom to move around which can’t be done if you are using a hot water bag. Also, it is discreet so one can even wear to the office or social events.

• The effectiveness of these patches has been noted to be high in various trials all over the world. In one study, conducted in 6 countries and involving 88 women, it was seen that most women needed a very low dose to none of painkillers when they used the patch against women who took a placebo. These prove that the patches actually deliver what they promise.

• The patches are now easily available in most cities across India. Like you buy tampons online in India, you can also order the patches through online stores like Amazon, Nykaa, and others. The only issue someone may have against them is that they are not reusable and hence costly for those who suffer longer days of menstrual cramps every month.

So, the next time you are ordering your super heavy flow tampons, don’t forget to pick up a pack of cramp relief patch and pass even your first day without any issue.

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