Mental Powers and Spiritual Abilities Through Blending Consciousness, Subconsciousness and Superconsciousness into One Operating Unit: You

Body-mind-spirit =

Physical plane-mental plane-spiritual plane =


These correspond. They interconnect and they overlap. The body and your physical self is on the physical plane with consciousness. The mind and your mental self is on the mental plane and its manifestation in the physical plane is the subconscious. The spirit and your spiritual self is on the spiritual plane, and its physical manifestation is the superconscious. You as a human own and occupy three planes. Planes are realms.

Getting fully acquainted with your selves gives you and gives your life dimension you otherwise would not have, dimension most people do not have, dimension most people are not aware of the existence of. Getting acquainted is a gradual process like getting acquainted with anyone or anything is: There's an introduction, followed by some interactions, which leads to familiarity.

When you are familiar with yourself on all the planes you as a human occupy, you have abilities and powers and insight others do not have. You will create events in the physical world through mental and spiritual means. You are far less concerned with material things and with the material world. You know who you are and can access your own intelligence in a different and better way than you did before, in a different and better way than other people do or even dream of doing.

To begin this process, you objectively analyze yourself, you objectively examine your own motives, your own tastes and distastes, your past thoughts and actions and how they have led you to where you are; and you examine where you are, examine as objectively as you can all these things and more: your whole environment, your situation, and creatures around you in their situation. You are after the 'whys,' the cause-and-effect processes within yourself. You study the labels (the categories) you have on things, and 'why.' What you are doing when you examine objectively is invading your subconscious with your consciousness, making them one consciousness. The process creates insight, psychic abilities, the ability to 'read people,' detachment, 'thinking out of the box,' and peace of mind. This process brings your mind to a similar state it was in before you were two years old and people taught you to put things into irrevocable categories. Those categories are the 'box' to 'think out of.' Children under two see things and are aware of things adults are oblivious to. You want to get back to there as your adult self.

At some stage in your degree of familiarity with the subconscious, you reach into the superconscious, because those two are also interconnected. The ultimate goal is to blend all three consciousnesses into one operation, so your operating consciousness is '3-D,' three dimensional. The third dimension is the spirit, in the spiritual realm or plane, and it is associated with cause. When you have sought the causes of things connected to you, you have connected with the spiritual plane; you have introduced your consciousness to the spiritual realm. You also have a finger on the 'cause' button and can cause things to happen in the physical world with maybe no physical participation on your part.

Looking at this same process from the perspective of the other planes, what you are doing is enriching your mental self on the mental plane and your spiritual self on the spiritual plane with more substance, more consciousness—the same process you are accomplishing for your physical self. This is a good thing.

Enriching your mental and your spiritual selves with awareness is a good thing because you are impermanent on the physical plane; you are going to be living in your mental and your spiritual selves exclusively someday. The more developed your self is in those realms, the better life you will have then.

Remember, you started this physical life as a fetus and then as a helpless infant. You don't have to do that again in the other aspects of existence if you 'grow up' mentally and spiritually before you get 'over there.'

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Spiritual growth often happens in whatever area of your life is most annoying. When you deal successfully with an obstacle in the physical, you have a mental and spiritual victory as well, and when you deal with the obstacle in the spiritual or mental realm, you have a victory in your day-to-day living too. As an analytical Tarot psychic who is also a mystic, Emily often chances upon these intersections in your life, approaches them with insight and humor, and you are on your way. Any credit, debit or prepaid card will do; and 95% of that supports the 500-acre sanctuary of elk and other animals that Emily owns and operates.

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