Coin in Hand

This technique is based on the ability to identify the BMIR and body language of a person. You will be able to read the mind of a person directly from the unconscious mind. But similar to all exercises related to mind reading, possibility of errors exists here also. But we cannot avoid that since people are unique in their behavior and response.

1. If you have changes take a coin. Keep your hands in the back and exchange the coin to either hand slowly. Concentrate on the hand with coin as you pass it. And feel the presence of the coin in the hand.

2. Now place the coin in one hand and concentrate deeply in that hand. Enjoy the presence of coin in that hand. Keep you hands closed.

3. Without opening your hand bring it in front of you. Draw the hands apart still concentrating on the hand with the coin.

You can identify the hand with the coin from the expression of the subject easily. In most cases the concentration of the subject on the hand with coin will be apparent. He will unconsciously give indications to show it off. But some people are too cunning and you have to be very quick and vigilant to trace the reaction. Since they might not have experienced this exercise before, will not have any idea on what is going on. You can utilize the lack of information to make advantage.
There are certain things that you should be careful in performing this experiment. Ask the subject to concentrate on the hand with the coin again and again. This concentration is the secret that shows you the guilty hand. If some people are too smart, divert their conscious mind to other things by telling some stories about the coin or make them feel suspicious about the coin. When the conscious mind is away the subconscious mind will deliver you the required unknowingly.

This exercise is also used to read the mind of other people using the method of calibration. The physiological response of a person is studied here also to read his mind. In this exercise you will hold the hand of a person as if you are taking the pulse and ask him to think of a hand. As soon as he imagines a hand you can specifically tell which hand he imagined was. Just by the feeling you are getting from the touch you can recognize the hand.

1. Hold the wrists of you volunteer in your each hand. Touch the pulse of the person with your index finger. You must be able to read the pulse of the person as you hold his hands.

2. Ask him to relax and have a normal conversation with him. Ask him to imagine a hand and to visualize lifting that hand few inches up.
3. As the person concentrates on the hand to lift it, the pulse in that hand automatically changes. You should concentrate deeply on the pulse change in both hands to identify which hand he has assumed. Initially the pulse of that hand will slow down, then skips a few beats and returns to the normal state. You can tell the person the hand he imagined easily from this indication.

4. If you are getting a mixed response in the pulse rate, it means that the subject have assumed one hand and changed his decision. Just tell him that don’t change your mind, just concentrate on a single hand. This will surely take the subject on a swing and get him under control.

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