Meet Jason Stone, a social celebrity who built his empire from the ground up. Jason was born on December 5th, 1979 to parents Marci and Bradley. From an early age, his ability to conquer the world was quite apparent. With a subliminal will to mentor, a burning desire to succeed, and an eagle eye for novel ventures, Jason had just the right arsenal that led him to his impending success.
Although he head a number of outshining businesses in place, he is most widely known for ‘Millionaire Mentor’, an Instagram account that set him off to cloud nine. Jason currently has over 3M followers on this account.

An Entrepreneurial Endeavor

While Jason was acquiring his degree in Mechanical Engineering, he stumbled onto an automobile junkyard where vehicles had various parts well intact. While others saw it as just another junkyard, Jason’s entrepreneurial eye found it to be a way to make some good buck. Jason used to strip off these used performance parts, and sell them to wholesalers for a nominal price.
Later, at the age of 26, he refined his pipeline and logistics to launch the venture, “Treadstone Performance Engineering” where he sells high-performance parts online.

The Digital Brilliance

The social media presence of Jason was far from ordinary. The man knew the goldmine he had at his disposal. This is when his side as an investor made way to the market. Approached by a close friend, and spotting utmost potential, Jason decided to invest in “The Local Door Coupon”.

12 months later, the brand stood with an astounding 50 franchises spread across the country. This was the revelation of an impact Jason’s social ingenuity could create. Being an already-epitome of a name in the entrepreneurial circle, he was obliged to give back which he did by assisting an Instagram community for social media influencers called “Gentlemen’s Mafia”.

Being a Millionaire Mentor

Although the road to success was not as bumpy, Jason did boycott social media for an entire month by putting an end to his entire social media presence. However, this silence was followed by a fierce storm that took millions by surprise. Jason Stone made the comeback by creating an account dedicated to novice entrepreneurs and influencers. He sought to share his valued experience to help others reach their true potential.

Despite his absence for a month, prior to Millionaire Mentor, Jason managed to pull some truly magnificent feat by reaching a million subscribers in just a period of one year! The account has already surpassed a mind-boggling number of 3M followers on this page.

Today, Jason provides online consulting and mentorship through his recently launched Millionaire Mentor Program. He also donates part of his entire income to charity and assures to continue to give back to society. He aims to continue this venture and impact the lives of at least a billion people across the globe. Today, at the age of 39, Jason enjoys his life as a mentor, motivator, influencer, and an entrepreneur who strives to take steps towards the epitome of success.

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