Around the time when I met Steven Grant who hypnotized me as detailed near the end of this book in the chapter 'A Journey Back To The Early Beginnings', I met another young man through a mutual friend, let's call him Robert, that I did some energy work with. He was interested in healing and various forms of energy work. He said that he had always been able to affect people with his energy and he could help to open them up to realms far beyond this one. Naturally I was fascinated and was eager to see what might happen so I invited him over. Robert informed me that nothing far reaching would take place for the first few visits. He would have to scan my energy and make some needed adjustments. If I could be patient the fireworks would come later. I agreed to give it my very best shot. I would light a white candle when Robert came over. We would sit in a semi-lotus position and meditate for about a half hour then share what we had felt or what images or impressions that came to us. About a month later after we sat down Robert said, Michael, today is going to be very different. You are now more aligned and stronger than you were."

I thanked him for the compliment and waited to see what he was up to. A few minutes later in a nonchalant tone of voice as though he were talking about the weather, Robert said, "Michael, I need you to be the grounding force and energy for me. I have something very important that I have to do."

"Sure," I replied, "Although I'm not sure how to do that."

"First we need to sit so that our knees touch. Then we grasp hands firmly. Then you visualize a thick cord going through your entire being and you shift your consciousness and visualize a large boulder or rock. Next you enter into the rock and merge with it and there you can hold onto my silver cord while I soar to the upper world where I will do battle with a certain sorcerer who would like to capture my soul. As long as you hold onto my cord and stay inside the rock he cannot capture me. But he has stolen some soul parts from me that I must retrieve. No matter what happens do not open your eyes and do not release me from the rock by letting your attention divert. You must remain very focused. Do not let go of my hands. See only the rock and keep your consciousness focused inside it. You have to do this or I can be in great danger."

"Robert, this is very strange. I have never done anything like this before. This kind of talk sounds like something people would say when they are smoking pot or taking drugs."

"Michael, you know that we are doing neither. I just have a very strong feeling and hunch that you can do it. You can hold the energy. I know that you can. Something told me that you have to do this to help me escape the dark sorcerer's soul theft and black magic. I know that you have been a sorcerer in more than one lifetime, so you will automatically and instinctively know how and be able to carry this assignment out."

Part of me wanted to say forget this and call it quits for the day. I found this a very strange request, but something told me to honor it so I did as Robert requested. I scooted next to Robert so that our knees touched. I grasped his hands and held them firmly. Then I visualized this huge boulder and part of my consciousness inside of it. Moments later I saw a bright light around me and a thick silver cord appeared above Robert's head. I instinctively knew that the bright light was protecting the cord that joined Robert's soul to his body. I had no idea how light could radiate from inside a rock, or how it could protect his silver cord but this was not the time for questioning. I had messed up a telepathic exercise with my teacher Mary back in the mid-eighties by losing and diverting my concentration. It had zapped her and we never engaged in telepathy exercises again. Maybe this was my chance to redeem myself. To prove that I can hold the energy by concentrated focus, effort and determination.

I kept my eyes closed feeling that this somehow helped to seal and keep the grounding energy intact. We sat in the quiet for what felt like an hour or even longer. Robert would make a few grunts and moaning sounds from time to time. He chanted a few deep gutteral tones and bizarre words. Then he would take a series of deep huffy breaths. He would bounce about and shake so hard at times I Thought our hands would separate. But I held onto him tightly and nothing was about to make me release our grip. About twenty minutes later he let go of my hands and jerked his head back and forth. His breathing slowly returned to normal and he opened his eyes. There was sweat on his face, neck and chest. He reached for his back pack and took out a bottled water and guzzled half of it. "It was one hell of a battle, my friend, but I won, thanks to you. Your concentration did not one time waver. I have my soul pieces back and the dark sorcerer will never be back."

"Just where was he and where did you go?"

Robert pointed his hand upward. "We met up there on a dark mountain on the astral plane. There I saw many captured soul pieces hiding here and there, in this crevice, nook, and cranny; in this cavern. Beneath this rock or that log. My heart went out to the souls these pieces belonged to and I could just feel the despair and sense of fragmentation these people feel back on the earth. But it was not my task to retrieve them; at least not at this time. I will come back to this place another time and retrieve them. But only when the time is right." Robert guzzled the rest of his water. He then gave me the biggest bear hug and leaned against me for several minutes. I could smell and feel the sweat that was dripping from his neck onto his chest.

"You look wiped out," I said, taking a paper towel and wiping his forehead.

"Yeah, that was one heck of a battle. Some of the most difficult ones are not on the earthly battlefields, but on the other planes. Believe you me, you never want to go there unprepared and if you are lucky you may never have to go at all. I just knew you had to help me. I was told in a dream that it was an old debt that you owed and that you would deliver. Thank you, my friend. I have to get going now. I need a shower and some sleep."

I sat watching the white candle burn. The flame darted back and forth. I sat there mesmerized for the longest time. I simply could not get up. I could barely move my legs or my arms. For a second I feared my soul might still be in the rock. Then I instinctively touched my arm, my hand and fingers. Nope I was in no rock. I was back on terra firma. Safe and sound.

But to enter a rock? I heard the words from the Simon and Garfunkle song- "I Am A Rock. I Am An Island." That song would never have the same meaning again. I wondered if I had truly gone off the deep end. I had had many paranormal and psychic experiences but this one may have topped them all. Robert moved away two weeks later after his college graduation. I never heard from him again.

Isn't it funny how people come and go in our lives. Sometimes they stay for a time. Maybe even a few weeks months or even years. Other times they remain but a short while. But this does not mean they can nor do not impact us un a way that transforms our life forever.

Today, here in 2009, there is not much that I can read or hear about that really surprises when it comes to the paranormal, metaphysics and new-age and spiritual subjects and topic. But back in the eighties and nineties I found myself frequently taken off guard and shocked or surprised at the strange things I would hear about or experience. I now believe that everything happened when it was supposed to in order to make me the person I am today and to prepare me for the psychic and spiritual work that I presently do and for what lies ahead in the future.

I believe that (just as I gave Robert some kind of supporting, grounding energy when I helped protect his cord while in the rock) that I was also given energy which opened me up more deeply and contributed to my acquiring more spiritual gifts. My clairvoyant skills heightened and it became easier to read for people. I began to see auras very easily and sometimes I could detect holes in the auras which pinpointed areas in the chakras that needed balancing and cleansed lest some health issues ensue. I could enter houses and tell if certain spirits were there and if they were earthbound, trapped or lost. My shaman friend and therapist and I did several house clearings and cleansings

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