It just makes so much sense to do your due diligence when choosing your pets source of nourishment, their food, for the rest of their lives. A factor has been proven over and over again and it is not all pet foods are equal. Some of the products are manufactured to make money with little or no concern for the animals to which the product will be fed. But an extremely important fact gets over looked most of the time. Is your pet's lower digestive tract in the best condition to absorb the goodness and vital nutrients from what ever food you choose for your pet, no matter which one it is?

There are so many factors that affect your pet's ability to digest and absorb the goodness in the food during your pet's life. Their health, of course, their stress level, have they been on antibiotics, what other animals are they in contact with, as all our pets do like to sniff, their hereditary factors and even the health of their mother when the puppies were born are all factors that will affect the ability to absorb the goodness and vital nutrients in the digestive tract. This problem, as stated in the list of items above, can start as early as your pet's date of birth and continues throughout their lives and addressing them will help your pet have a happy, healthy life with more energy.

My passions are travelling and German Shepherd dogs. Breeding and showing German Shepherds has been a hobby of mine for many years and as some of the dog fancy know, this breed has had it`s share of problems over the years but then again, which breed hasn`t had some difficulties.

As pet owners, breeders and exhibitors and the people who benefit from our pet`s loyalty, devotion and their ability to please us when all else has failed, it is our responsibility to do whatever we can do to provide our pets with what they cannot provide for themselves and that is a healthy digestive tract which is able to give them the vital nourishment from the food that is being fed to them by their owners.

It seems like a fair enough bargain but our pets will continue to give us their love and devotion whether we give back to them or not. Our pets don`t ask for bargains.

Without getting too scientific, the solution to our pet`s dilemma is called microbials or probiotics, a group of natural products assembled to help your pets, from birth to passing, maintain a healthy digestive tract which is capable of absorbing as much vital nutrients as that animal is capable of absorbing to ensure a happy and vitally healthy life.

But your due diligence does not end with choosing your pet`s food. Numerous independent studies have proven that many of the so called animal microbials, canine, feline and others, do not contain what they say the product contains on the label and does not do what the product says it will do in it`s advertising.
So, in summary, there is a product that can assist your pet greatly in it`s absorption of the vital nutrients in the food that you feed to your pets on a daily basis and thus, help them to a happier and healthier life. They are called microbials or probiotics, these words refer to the same products. But `caveat emptor` or buyer beware! The same problem that is present in the manufacture of pet food exists in the manufacture of microbials and probiotics. All these products are not as they are stated to be and have been proven to be as such by independent study. I will leave you with one final word `FASTRACK`.

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Bruce Pickett has been a German Shepherd dog exhibitor and breeder for 20 years and during that time, has obtained some information that will help all dogs and cats live happier, healthier lives. If you wish to know more about these tremendous products, get in touch with him at or 905-342-3750 or