Microlearning is most emphatically here to stay. That being the case, let us gaze into the crystal ball and see where microlearning would trend, or have the maximum impact.

Mobile: sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? The mobile has become our right (or left) hand. The human and his mobile are inseparable. This device has moved beyond the limitations of a mere gadget. We literally and figuratively ‘live’ with the mobile phone, from the time the alarm sounds off, till the time sleep apps or sleep music calms our minds into oblivion and rest. A fully-functioning device, the mobile is our comfort zone when it comes to consuming information – be it social media or news, or relaxing/entertaining/engaging our minds – through the plethora of games for every age, gender, and proclivity. Microlearning, then is ideal for learning on the go, on this versatile device – pick up a new concept/learning/skill while you are waiting in the traffic, at the hypermarket, hospital waiting room – just about anywhere, and at any time. Companies must harness this behavior by putting out all the microlearning modules that must be mandatorily consumed by the employee, certain in the knowledge that most if not all, will be completed!

Mobile microlearning incorporating social learning enhances the learning experience, by deepening and enriching it through interaction and collaboration, heightening it into a fun and engaging experience.

Incorporating emerging technology – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Data Analytics – into microlearning, is a definitive and potent method to engage in real-world learning without real-world challenges and limitations.

As are and simulated learning, which leverages interactivity at its heightened best, allowing for rewarding engagement (with the use of avatars, and collectibles) with the learner with immediate results.

Microlearning will be increasingly explored by companies to train their associates on anything and everything in their learning portfolio, as the workforce, gets increasingly populated with the Millennials, Gen Z and soon to come Gen Alpha.

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James T. is an online blogger who love to write about latest insights in elearning industry.