Technology has emerged as the biggest game changer of modern times. Nothing seems impossible or out of reach today with technology. Business processes have gone swank, enterprises have become agile, and workforce has become on-the-move - all thanks to technology.

For enterprise technology, no one beats Microsoft or comes even close. The company has defined new standards for enterprise technology. And as part of business strategy, Microsoft has announced 3 types of business partners to work with its enterprise level technology. “Registered Members” are the entry level members. “Certified Partners” have higher competencies with Microsoft technologies. And “Gold Certified Partners” have highest degree of expertise and closet working relationship with Microsoft.

According to Microsoft, “Every Gold Certified Partner has demonstrated ability to successfully deliver an extensive range of learning services – including .NET development and IT infrastructure training at the enterprise level. Best of all, Gold Certified Partners have the experience necessary to meet your exact business needs.”

Radixweb is a Gold Certified Partner for Microsoft related services. We specialize in Microsoft’s development technologies and enterprise solutions. Our technical skills are approved by Microsoft. Now in addition to this what adds value to our services?

Market Existence & Experience
It’s never easy to become a Microsoft Gold Partner. And when you combine this partnership status with longstanding market existence, what you have is a hard-to-beat combo. Radix is one such Gold Partner with an illustrative market existence and experience. We have been working with multiple technologies for more than 11 years. We have developed bespoke business solutions for global customers. We have successfully delivered 600+ projects to 400+ international clients. We offer services for web applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, and embedded systems.

Technical Versatility
At Radix, we possess both credibility and technical versatility. In Microsoft technologies alone, we have a very wide range of service offering. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we work with a number of development platforms and offer different kind of services.

Development Platforms - ASP.Net, VB.Net, VB, C#, Silverlight

Mobile App Development - Windows Mobile

.Net Based Open Source & Proprietary Frameworks - Kentico, Sitefinity, DNN, Orchard, MojoPortal, Dotnet Forge, Kartris, nopCommerce, etc

Enterprise Integration Services - SharePoint Development & Integration, MS Dynamics CRM Service

Windows Azure Based Development - Develop and host enterprise level solutions in Windows Azure
Application Reengineering - Reverse engineer, restructure, & forward engineer legacy applications

Windows Server Administration - Windows server setup, configuration, management, & maintenance of server infrastructure

WHQL Testing - Windows Hardware Quality Labs testing for device drivers

Secured Infrastructure
Being a Gold Certified Partner, security is not only our business but ethical obligation. Here again we have put our industry experience to use. We have an infrastructure that is secured on multiple levels. We have 24x7 monitoring of our premises. We have high-end CCTV cameras installed at all vital places. We have mantrap doors at our development centre. Access to our server rooms is restricted only to top management and a select few. Our network is firewall protected and all internet activities are logged. Our development environments are also secured and closely monitored. We use version controlling to track any and all kind of changes made to an application. We do not allow mobile phones and storage devices at workstations to avoid data theft.

Support and Maintenance Services
We believe that a Gold Certified Partner status is not limited to just developing best of class business applications. It extends to service as well. So we offer several support and maintenance services to our customers. We offer technical support, application maintenance and optimization services, marketing assistance, technical consultancy, and more. We focus on successfully delivery of a “solution” rather than just an “application”. As a result, we go a step beyond development and focus on service levels as well.

Development Portfolio
At Radix we have developed and successfully delivered many a business solutions. We have developed online business portals, e-commerce solutions, publishing and content management systems, supply chain management systems, inventory tracking and warehouse management solutions, quality control applications, CRM systems, mobile games, etc. Be it online applications, desktop systems, mobile apps, or enterprise solutions – we have worked with them.

At Radix we take great pride in being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Along with this, we focus on improving our customer service levels and delivery standards. We strive to provide a solution that meets the requirements of our customers and aide their growth.

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