Do you suffer from tummy fat? Would you like to have a perfectly sculpted six pack? As a matter of fact, millions of people from all over the world want to eliminate their belly fat and build a nice six pack. But why is this so hard?. Mike Geary, author of The Truth About Abs e-book tells us there is a better way that not many of us now.

Back when he was a only a common fitness trainer, finding a more efficient way to sculpt the abs was his main concern and he set out to find a much better technique to eliminate tummy fat and chisel the ab muscles. Now, if you want a sexy set of abs surely you will be guided to Mike, as he is reckon a fitness guru in this art.

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Mike and his book, How Did The Truth About Abs Started

Considered as the best ab-sculpting e-book available online, The Truth About Six Pack Abs is today a best seller. After graduating from Susquehanna University as a certified nutritionist, Mike Geary worked as a professional fitness trainer for a long time.

In 2004, he was searching for nutrition an fitness papers on how to annihilate tummy fat when he figured out a better way to define the abdominal area. He wrote The Truth About Abs as a result of his research on fitness and nutrition systems.

His e-books have been already available to French German and Spanish, having sold over  one million copies by now. Additionally, clients from all over the world seem to love Mike´s technique above any other typical ab strategy, always rating this book with 5 stars. And if for any reason you do not like the program, you can get your money back with its 30 day guarantee.  

Keep in mind that if you want to know more about how to build a sexy set of abs, I highly recommend you to Look into this great guide The Truth About Abs Book.

How Does The Truth About Abs Works?

The Truth About Abs does not involve any magic pills or novel exercise machines, you will only substitute your eating habits and your exercise routine. In e- book, Mike tells you exactly how to burn even the most stubborn belly fat and how to sculpt your forgotten abdominal muscles.

Even when it is certainly very easy to follow, you need to be aware that this system requires you to make an effort. You need compromise to stick to the fat burning diet Mike proposes and the specified workout routine.

The information the manual incorporates can be divided into 2 important aspects of the fat burning process, the meal plan and the exercise plan. As part of eating well, he educates us how to identify ´health´ foods in disguise that make us accumulate fat. It is in this section of the book where you will learn what to eat to increment your fat burning hormones production and accelerate your fat loss.

In the 2nd part of  the Truth About 6 Pack Abs program, you will learn its ab workout strategy. You will surprised with the unordinary exercises Mike has prepared for this program.

Forget about the typical cardio, crunches and sit ups, these are proved to be the most ineffective technique to fight ab fat. Actually, these are also linked to joint and muscle damage. Instead, this scheme intends to use the whole body to dissolve body fat and fortify the muscles.

The best part of this system is that you are not supposed to go to the gym or use any fancy gadget. In fact, all you need in this routines is a set of dumb bells or an exercise ball. In addition, the sessions should be of 30 to fifty minutes and three times a day only.

Finally, The Truth About 6 Pack Abs functions by applying a natural fat burning diet and a very unusual training strategy. Additionally, thousands of users agree that this product is the real thing and rate it as the best abdominal workout system on the market.

To finalize, the product promises that you will be amazed by how much better you look after a couple of weeks. And as a nice perk, when you purchase the The Truth About 6 Pack Abs, you get Mike as your personal email trainer.

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M.D. Mia Moore: Graduated as General Practitioner in 1983, since then she has specialized in nutrition and eating disorders with a special focus of expertise in both Pregnancy and Geriatric Nutrition.