He had a well-planned life ahead of him during his formative years and being equipped with a prestigious professional degree of those times, it was as though he could visualise his life. But destiny had other plans for actor Milind Gunaji – a path that he never thought of in his wildest of wild dreams. A believer in destiny and Karma, he went where the flow took him. Life could not have been any better for him. Perhaps what he desired was not what he did the best. Hence came the strings of failures in what he had planned but unfathomable success in whatever came his way by chance.

The bellow are the highlights of the interview with Milind Gunaji and Insights Success a top business magazines

Indeed, his was the Midas Touch kind of a story. Whatever he set his foot on by chance, he was successful. A multitalented persona, his claim to fame is – Just give your best to whatever you do. A successful model (and longest serving at that), a great actor, a trekker and nature lover, a writer, a poet, a singer and a spiritual seeker, the larger-than-life persona Milind Gunaji still has a lot in his kitty.

We take through his journey that has been lesser known until now. An engineer by qualification, his sports career was well-planned, and he wanted to be a business tycoon, but destiny had carved a different path for him.

Spiritual Journey

The actor is deeply into meditation and can share lot of knowledge on spirituality. It all percolates down from his ancestors. “My ancestors wrote Gita Rahasya. The first biography of Saibaba was written by my great, great, great grandfather which is the property of Sai Sansthan now. I was fascinated by Gajanan Maharaj. I am into meditation. Once in a year, I visit Shirdi. I am an explorer. Now, I am also getting into astrology. I was with late Bhaiyyu Maharaj for some time. I was trying to learn as much as possible. I wrote a book on basic meditation. I learnt Maharshi Mahesh Yogi’s transcendental meditation (TM). Becoming thoughtless and TM are different, but the goal is the same. Some focus on breath and stop the thoughts. I can go into this stage,” he shared. In the future, he would like to come out of this material world and do something good for nature, wildlife, and tourism.

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