Internet is full of Lead providers. Yeye, every where you turn, you get leads..
free leads, unexpencive leads and very expensive ones!
Have you ever thought about where these leads are from?
How many times it has been used? How many hands have exchanged it?

..and if you contact leads, why 1999 out of 2000 unsubscribes directly? Or maybe every and each one of the 2000!

This doesn't mean you are doing something wrong. Nope, You might have got leads that are "used out"!
Think about the fact that your email address would be sold thousand times. And you would every time receive an email that presses you to buy this and that..join now!..Free for life..."No sales here, just wanted to say hello to you, as a stranger"! Ok, somehow it sounds very sad and the base is missing for the whole spectacle!
And on the top of that you can be accused for spamming. Thank you, but no thanks!

Be very careful when buying leads online!

Make sure the source has good reputation and that it has done good work with lead marketing. Try
to find out about the quality of leads you are buying.

There are different types of leads out there:

- Opt-In leads (subscribed people to get more information)

- Cold leads (needs to be confirmed/verified; ask for permission to send info)

- Hot leads (returning leads), usually they are double opt-in leads, these are easy going with buying/joining...

- Buyer leads (usually easy byers)

- BOS-leads (business opportunity seeker leads)

- etc, different parties can name their leads with attractive names (Hot ready buyer-leads, have I seen, lol..ok).

Ok, now you have, lets say 2000 leads. Hopefully opt-in leads. I would suggest you start working with opt-in leads to start with.
Easiest way would be starting with email marketing. Get yourself an Autoresponder or a Bulkmailer.
Depending on wich autoresponder service you choose, they usually recuire confirmation to emails. This way a person who subscribes to your list to receive information from you becomes a double opt-in lead (if you bought / got the lead as an opt-in lead). This also means these subscribers are really interested about GETTING MORE INFORMATION. Not necessarily easy joiners, thouogh.
Bulk emailer usually is a software on your desktop or a service online. Doesn't recuire confirmation from leads.

In this point it's very important to start thinking about the quality of your emails, the content and the whole chain to your emails.

Try to stick within your niche all the way. Do not jump with the topics from "heaven to hell".
Make your campaign about one thing particular.
If you want people to join your system, stay within your system. Make the campaign only about your system, nothing else! Make it to last 1-2- months, but do not send emails every day! I have been attacked with 2-3 emails daily from one source.. I unsubscribed on the spot!

Do not give all to much information in one email. People gets confused easily about stuff they are unfamiliar with. They need time to "digest it all". So give them time.

Try to be brief and punctual. Expose only the valuable information and the benefits. Remeber also to tell what it takes to work with your system. Be honest about it, shut your eyes for on how other people presents their system, avoid getting into the BS competition in attracting marketing.

You can be a bit pushy, but do not end up to be a "roller"! Give much, teach and treat every possible prospect as a cash-flow. Always deliver what you promise, though!

I would say the first email you send to your leads is very important. I do like this (with opt-in leads):

- I tell who I am and the reason why Im contacting them

- I expose the values/benefits why they should "stick with me".

- I tell what nice stuff is coming ahead..

- I dont sell anything, I just want them to click on that darn link I enclose on the email:)

- I try to keep it brief and simple, with all courtesy..

Thats the way I have got best results, try this and You might get some extra subscribers to your list! If you don't succeed at once, remeber the rule:
1% out of 2000 leads MIGHT subscribe, thats 20 with my math.. That doesn't mean they will join your business, though! Be patient, volumes counts!
Remeber to change your way of working if nothing happens. Track your results and work from there.
Autoresponders are good to use and you can always do changes on your follow-up emails!

As your follow-up messages gets nearer the end, you might do some "a bit more aggressive" marketing and selling. By then you have learned on how many subscribers stays on your list campaign and what it is that keeps them subscribed. Perhaps some who are very eager, have already contacted you directly.

Learn out how to write, what attracts people...Give yourself also time to explore and learn the best ways.
I can almost be certain you will succeed on your mission!

Always ask for help, find positive people around you and enjoy!

That would be all this time.

Stay tuned, more coming up!

Live Strong and Prosper!



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As a long term business and networker from yr.2000 have we came a cross all kind of businesses. It's easy for us to find the easiest and most unexpensive way to conduct network business.