Becoming in tune with the millionaire mindset is as much about how you react to things as anything else. Let's look at failure for a moment, when you fail in some endeavor how do you react? Do you hang your head in shame, beat yourself up, hide in a hole or turn around and say, "Well that didn't work, maybe this will!" One of thegreatest minds of the past millennium, Thomas Edison, is quoted as saying "Failed? - Why we haven't failed, we only know the thousands of ways that won't work!"

This attitude is a huge part of the millionaire mindset and too many people simply miss out. Fear of failure is a big obstacle to many individuals. Many times people will quit when they are on the verge of success, whether it is an invention, creative idea or a raise at work. The next time you are sure you cannot make it, another step consider Florence Chadwick.

Florence Chadwick was the first woman to swim the English Channel both ways. Her next swimming feat was to navigate the 26 miles from Catalina to the California coast line. She swam for 15 hours with her goal firmly in sight, and then a thick fog rolled in which obscured her view. Despite the encouragement of her trainer and mom, she gave up and got in the boat, less than one mile from the shore! When asked about it later she admitted that being unable to see her goal was too much for her. On her next attempt the same thing happened but this time instead of getting in the boat, she focused on a mental image of the shoreline she desperately wanted to reach. Not only was she the first woman to finish this crossing she did so two hours faster than her male counterparts. When you can keep an image of what you want to achieve in your mind nothing can stop you!

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Anita G. Wheeler is the CEO of Anita G. Wheeler International, LLC, an exclusive company committed to empowering entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in launching wealth-building businesses based on their unique talents and passion. She is a master coach for business owners and corporations. She is also a passionate entrepreneur with numerous successful businesses over the past 20 years. Anita has been named one of Atlanta's Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs.

Her creative programs include Millionaire Mindset for Entrepreneurs, Millionaire Mindset Vision Day, Teleseminars, Live Events and One-on-One "Premier" Coaching with Exclusive Clients. She is the author of the book "The Law of Attraction is NOT a Secret" and the E-Book "How to Use the Law of Attraction."

Anita resides in North Georgia on a farm and is an avid gardener, animal lover and luxury marketing Real Estate Broker.