Tim Logerquist was a man with a mission. A mission to create a unified partnership with like-minded Baptist churches dedicated to advancing their collective mission under one association. It would take a clear, concise mission statement that would reflect his true purpose and engage the hearts and minds of other ministers.

Lynn and Burt Smith found they had been running their network marketing business like a hobby. Mission and vision statements were needed to help them focus their planning process; to set meaningful goals, strategies and actions.

Doug Campbell, author and internationally known fire behavior analyst, realized the future impact of a sound mission and vision statement for creating the future wise firefighter.

In each case, the importance of creating a clear and well-defined mission statement-the “why” of you, your service or product, your intention in the world becomes the foundation for your success writes Don Midgett, author of Mission and Vision Statements: Your Path to a Successful Business Future. “When you ask a person what business they are in, they usually tell you the item or service they sell: “I’m in the telecommunications business”, or “we work in the furniture industry” or “I am a coach.” These statements talk about the commodity or service, not how these products or services affect people. It helps to understand this distinction.

Susan Oslin, owner of Media Angel, a graphic web and multimedia design firm found the process of creating her mission and vision statements “A relevation!” Chiropractor Steve Boshoff applies his mission and vision statements professionally as well as personally. Tim Logerquist’s mission and vision statements helped him form the “language and passion of the true meaning of what was deep within me.

Says Lynn Smith: “You have a choice of saying yes or no. Without vision, you have no way to justify saying no when you’re a people pleaser like me. It gives me a filter. Are my actions going to help me get to my vision?” Lynn Smith discovered that after her mission was clear, she was better able to see and understand what her vision for the future should be.

The meaningful thread for all these people regardless of what they do – all these people just like you – is they seek a defined mission or purpose for what they are doing and a clear vision of their desired future. Mission and vision statements are foundational for successful futures for people like you! Need help creating your mission and vision statements? Go to www.genesisgrouponline.com now.

Author's Bio: 

In his business growth consulting practice of over 20 years, Don has enjoyed helping leaders and entrepreneurs from both large and small organizations craft their unique mission and vision statements, identify the changes they need to make and install a strategic planning process to achieve their desired future. He can be reached at www.genesisgrouponline.com.