According to modern technology and medicine, there are several ‘mistakes’ in the divine design we call humans.

Ever since man began worshiping one God giving himself the prerogative of being the chosen one, or calling himself the son of this god, man began also believing in his own superiority to nature. In the early Judeo/Christian beliefs nature and God were not seen as one, but one subordinate to the other.

After the industrial revolution and the evolution theory’s victory over creation, man declared himself all knowing over nature, able to outsmart, out-create and even improve on nature’s design. Some further declared that God really did not exist; nature was a series of coincidences, measurable, calculable and even fixable. In philosophy the theory of materialism holds that the only thing that exists is matter; that all things are composed of material and all phenomena (including consciousness) are the result of material interactions. In other words, matter is the only substance. Science reigned supreme in fact not only there was no god but humans, and especially women, needed help from science to understand and do anything, including having a baby. Then in the 20th century quantum physics began to tell us that the world, or the matter maybe it was not so clear cut, measurable or easily predictable as we thought. In the realm of quantum physics, observing something actually influences the physical processes taking place. So the influence of man might actually be more important than the mechanical or mathematical calculation of an outcome. In fact the deeper scientists got into quantum physics the more they marveled at the design that some emeritus believe can only generate from a supreme intelligence.

But never mind that… medicine, way too practical to bother with new discoveries and financially well set in its ways transformed childbirth and child rearing (birth being one of the highest income revenue for hospitals, and babies being the new and lifelong potential clients) from a natural event to a ‘condition” that needs to be fixed, managed, made efficient, streamlined, made quantifiable, predictable and of course greatly improved.

So it began. More doctors delivered babies at home pushing away the midwives, but that became truly inconvenient. Birth had to be taken away from the homes so that it may be supervised by highly skilled surgeons in the hospitals. Doctors observed, consulted among themselves and declared they could improve on the condition called childbirth. But first they had to make the woman stay still, lay on her back quietly, so they could focus their lights, placed their rolling stools in front of her spread legs, insert their expert fingers into her vagina and calculate, speculate, improve and help the poor thing do what she obviously was not really meant to do on her own - birth her baby.

In the fifties women were told that they would be helped endure the unnatural way of natural birth and were sent to oblivion (with total anesthesia,) so that they successfully could escape the curse of laboring and birthing., never mind the babies came out with an overdose of narcotics running in their blood streams. The nurses would skillfully observe them for day in the nursery away from the unskilled eyes of the mothers.

Now the drugs are milder but the approach similar. In essence today with an epidural we are told “It will not harm the baby and please, let us deliver you from the evil of childbirth, relax and enjoy some television while you are laboring.”

The more the surgeons observed this condition the more they realized that they could take away the annoyance not only of pain but of the unpredictability of the due date. Yes , they declared, we can indeed induce and schedule a birth, to help with women’s busy lives. Oh the heroes. But wait the inconvenience could even be completely eliminated. To further to ease the poor mother's distress at having a baby, surgeons now could cut the baby out of the mother's belly thus this whole event could be scheduled, catered, and designed.

Country or regional comparisons of cesarean birth rates are challenging because of varying types of data available, but overall rates are estimated to vary from 2.9% in Sub-Saharan Africa to 26.3% in Southeast Asia (Stanton & Holtz, 2006). Elective primary cesarean birth rates are among the highest in the world in Latin America, with a reported rate of 80% to 90% in white, insured women who give birth in private hospitals. Differences in rates have been found in Greek public and private hospitals and in South Korea, where a study reported that providers and the health care system contribute to high cesarean birth rates rather than maternal demand. These high rates are significantly higher than the 15% cesarean birth rate recommended by the World Health Organization, and thousands of elective cesarean births are performed each year.

The rates of cesarean births in Brazil are high. In Sao Paulo, Brazil, 59 private hospitals have cesarean birth rates over 80%, and women at 38 weeks' gestation are scheduled for a collective cesarean “surgical day.”

Worldwide the cesarean rate is growing in leaps and bounds, vanity also being called in to convince our women that sectioning a baby is far better than the ancient pagan way of vaginally delivering it. Indeed isn't it better to cut that baby out than to stretch your birth canal…unnaturally darling?

More Mistakes Found

Every decade is marked out by a craze for some form of unnecessary surgery. In the fifties, they whipped out your adenoids (except in the case of Melvyn Bragg, who mistakenly had an extra couple of sets put in), in the Sixties they wanted your tonsils, and foreskin. Even today the battle for circumcision endures. It must have been a grave mistake in the divine’s design to give you those unwanted parts.

Again in the fifties /sixties women were told that formula was far better than mother’s milk, heck even now we hear that formula has vitamins lacking in mother’s milk. The formula adds during times of flu scare, whisper “You feed his brain, we feed his immune system.”

In the 21st centuries we have the means to change our body, face, appearance that was given to us and improve the original design. We now have expressionless men and women who rather have Clostridium botulinum bacterium (botox) injected into their forehead than show how disappointed they are with a simple frown.

When I contemplate the universe, the nature of matter, and the presence of life and this planet, the great mystery is how it was possible at all. Given the range of properties of matter that could have occurred in the Big Bang or whatever happened at the Beginning - the balance between strong and weak nuclear forces, the mass of the electron, the strength of gravity, the speed of light - I am stunned that there was a choice of values for all these and many more properties that could lead to the formation of stars and planets, the existence of the water molecule and the vast world of carbon chemistry. The most fundamental building blocks of this universe are filled with evidence of intelligent design.

Then there is the marvel of DNA, of birth and reproduction, of the mind and its ability to grasp math, music, and art, to be self-aware, to love, to weep, to strive. These are not the fruits of crass natural selection blindly churning away to select the toughest predators.

The issue is not whether you can improve the human body or enhance the process of creation, but rather what happens when you modify the natural course of things - without creating a cascade of deleterious consequences at the physical as well as emotional level for both mom and babe.

Those so-called design flaws may be the result of divine optimization.

Philosophically speaking we can view the intensity of birth as an obligatory rite of passage for the woman to transform herself into mother. It would seem obvious that breastfeeding is the necessary method to be introduced to the world with a sense of trust for all human kind, and that the foreskin’s location and structure indicate that it is the most important sensory tissue of the penis. Its persistence over millions of years suggests that it has played a role in the propagation of the species.

But never mind philosophy, we have now medical evidence. Indeed, studies have shown what we knew all along, but needed studies to believe in it: we now know that a natural childbirth (regardless whether is at the hospital or at home) has the best outcome and the least complication for both mom and babe, we know that biologically the absence of added chemicals into the mother and baby’s body promotes better health and bonding. We know that breastfeeding is the best nutrient for our children, we know that allowing bonding immediately following the birth preserve the babies natural instincts for a successful latch on, allows the mother to produce milk in a timely manner, promotes bonding, among a myriads of other important psychological and developmental improvements. We know that breast milk increases the baby’s immune system and promotes better health. According to Dr Taylor the various parts of the penis, including the foreskin, form a functional whole.

Mankind has tried to do better, with their own supreme intelligence, to conquer the world but their system is not working. The planet is dying, our mothers are dying in hospitals, our men are getting more diseases in this country than in those of uncircumcised men, and fake beauty is killing our women and girls.

It’s time to respect Mother Nature and her ways trusting that Divine design is indeed flawless.

Author's Bio: 

Ms. Tornetta is a certified birth and post-partum doula, a certified lactation educator, a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner, and a certified shiatsu therapist. Giuditta practices clinical hypnotherapy and a method of natural childbirth that uses hypnotic techniques to reduce stress and fear during labor and delivery, alleviating pain and making the birth experience positive and enjoyable. She also teaches infant mental, emotional, and cognitive health and development.

She focuses on infant mental health and pre-post birth bonding, where she uses guided meditations and visualizations to help women communicate and empower their babies before birth. As a lactation educator and postpartum doula, Ms. Tornetta helps couples settle into a natural routine once the baby comes home. Through education, compassion, practical as wells as emotional support, Doula Giuditta teaches new parents how to decipher the newborn’s vocal and body language.

Giuditta is also a published author of the best selling book Painless Childbirth: An Empowering Journey Through Pregnancy and Birth. She works in hospital labor and delivery rooms, and home environments, attending and assisting births. She has had the pleasure of ushering hundreds of babies into this world helping families successfully transitioning into parenthood. Here website is