My mother started taking a daily herbal supplement for hair containing a special proprietary blend. She figured ‘why not!’ She knew that herbal supplements can take an average of four months before noticing a difference. She is a strong believer in this, since it took four months for her to notice a change in my brother’s neurological behavior.

Mom changed his diet and he began taking a natural whole food source that was known for eliminating one’s body of toxic substances (more about this in a future article). She was more than shocked at the difference a change in diet and supplements can make!

Mom decided to make a video of what her hair looked like, prior to starting a new shampoo product along with taking a supplement support system for natural hair growth. At first, she was embarrassed. My mother is a reading hostess for and visits nearby schools in her district to motivate young children to read and to explore the possibilities of their imagination and creativity. After all, it was Albert Einstein that said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

It had been simple for Mom not to worry about her hair, since she wears a big, straw hat to record her reading videos and to visit various schools in her district. She has a number of fans and I’m sure when she made her hair video and removed her hat, she got some attention. Her fans are waiting to see the results.

Mom plans to create a video every month to show her progress in using the recommended shampoo, conditioner, oil treatment and supplements I had recommended for her.
At the time of writing this article, Mom has been using the shampoo products and supplements for two weeks. She washes her hair every other day. Before washing, she uses the Rejuv oil.

At first, she had trouble understanding how to use the dropper. She discovered it was quite simple. All one needs to do is press down on the top of the dropper, while it remains inside the bottle. Then, pull it out and apply the drops to one’s scalp.

For myself, I only need a little and I use it at night. For Mom, she uses it in the morning as part of her hair care ritual. She applies drops to several thinning areas on her scalp. Next, she uses her fingers to massage it in. She lets the oil stay on her scalp for fifteen minutes before washing her hair.

Mom uses the product, “Black Shampoo.” She learned, as I had advised her, that she only needs about a dime’s worth. The first thing she told me about this shampoo was how rich it was in suds. She leaves it on her hair for three minutes, rinses, and washes her hair again. After rinsing her hair the second time, she applies the conditioner and leaves it on for about a minute.

Mom claims that her hair feels like silk. She’s never had her hair ever feel like that! But, what she really wants is to see is more hair! Will she? Only time will tell! Well Mom made four videos. The links to her videos are posted on my blog.

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