There are many ways to save money - here are a several that you may find useful.

A very good energy saving idea that you can incorporate into your lifestyle is to use fluorescent lighting or energy saving bulbs. Fluorescent and energy saving bulbs take up reduced wattage, but effuses the same amount of light as regular light bulbs, therefore taking up much less energy.

Get into the habit to turn off the lighting when you aren't using it. This really is an energy saving idea that would not cost you a single penny.

Unplug appliances when you are not using them. This is a brilliant energy saving idea, especially around the living room where most of the entertainment appliances are kept. Some appliances take up energy even when they are not being used especially the TV left on standby. You can now get cheap equipment that switch the power off at the wall as opposed to the appliance.

Now in your kitchen area, it’s a great energy saving idea to always keep your refrigerator clean. A clean refrigerator takes up less energy, because it runs more effectively. So make it a habit to clean your refrigerator regularly. An empty refrigerator requires more energy to run, so always keep your freezers and refrigerators full. Freezers should be defrosted regularly.

When it comes to cooking it would not be a bad energy saving strategy to use your toaster or microwave instead of your oven whenever possible. You can use your microwave to boil water, cook food and make desserts. Microwaves cost much less to run than traditional gas and electric ovens.

Onto your washing! A great energy saving idea for your washing machine would be to wash in full loads. Don’t throw just a shirt or two in the appliance. Wait until your dirty laundry piles up before you do your washing. Try using warm or cold water temperature. This really is an energy saving idea that once it becomes a habit will lower the cost of your electricity bill significantly over time.

When you need to travel, when the weather is good why not take a walk or use your bycicle instead of the car? Fuel is very expensive nowadays so doing this frequently will save you plenty of money. With long distance travel check out public transport prices, they can often be a lot cheaper than the fuel costs to drive. Removing items from your vehicle to lower the weight can also save money on fuel expenses.

If you have a very aged heating boiler, consider replacing it to a moder A-rated condensing boiler, you are more likely to reduce your gas bills by around 30 percent a year which is a huge saving and the cost of the boiler will soon be recovered.

Have drafty windows? A uncomplicated way to cure draft and decrease your heating bills is to buy a tube of translucent sealant from your diy retailer, run a modest bead of this all-around your window frames, just about impossible to see and seals out the drafts.

John Bosworth is the Author of this article as well as a proud customer and distributor for the Utility Warehouse.

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John Bosworth is a successful author, customer and distributor for the Utility Warehouse