To recognize the spiritual aspect of money is to align with its flow in your life. Money is intrinsically neither good nor bad, neither valuable nor worthless except to the degree to which we recognize and assign it as such. Money is energy, as are all things. It has value only when it can be exchanged for goods and services. If you had a briefcase full of money when you were marooned on a desert island, chances are you would burn it to cook with rather than store it away and never use it.

Money is a convenient and simple tool we use to trade for goods and services with others. The community assigns the benchmark level of value of a trade, and we can accept or barter with that assigned value. Money is a very convenient and clever tool we have conveniently and cleverly created to make our life flow smoothly. Imagine having to come up with 20 camels in exchange for a car, or having to do 10 hours of gardening in exchange for the weekly groceries. If for no other reason, we should kiss our money before we hand it over as our quota of exchange, as it serves us so deftly.

So why do we assign so many negative vibes to such an excellent convenience? Our attitude to money reflects how we allow or disallow it to flow around us. Notice I say flow around. As all energy must move to keep its momentum, to hold it in existence, if you like, so too with money. Money stashed away under the bed is useless to anyone. That same currency set to work in trading for life’s necessities and delights of experience, is far more useful and beneficial to the rest of the community. What goes around, comes around is indeed a truism.

The level of financial abundance we enjoy reflects the value of our contribution to society. Now don’t jump in with your objections just yet. Of course you can work pro bono; you can do voluntary work for the benefit of others and not exchange your efforts for money. But if you offer genuine value and service to others, by the universal law of reciprocity, you will receive the kind of useful abundance you desire. As water seeks its own level, so your offering of energy, be it money, service or goods, will attract a similar and equitable transfer.

Many ask what is the secret to abundance and wealth. Well fundamentally life runs according to simple laws. But for the sheer drama of it, we complicate life, and thereby block energy from flowing, be that money, love, fun, relationships or health. When we realize it is our task to see what we can contribute to society rather than take from it, we will discover a new and joyous freedom of being in alignment with universal flow, and therefore with the flow of money.

Support from the universe to give us prosperity is never greater than when our hearts are open with compassion for others, love for ourselves and gratitude. When you are at peace, and in this spiritually attuned space, you will inevitably attract abundance – money, love, fun, health and happiness. So appreciate money; it serves you well and is a symbol of how you allow energy to move in your life. Keep it moving, align with it and enjoy the flow.

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