Plants require tender wavelength of light to grow at different stages, traditional grow lamps provide light of same wavelength through out the growth which usually damages plant and shrinks the level of nutrition within them. Lights spectrum are found to be a big flop since plants do not require much light during photosynthesis and thus excess energy is wasted. This not only waste light energy but also consume surplus electricity. Growing plants at home is a good activity as long as you make sure your plants and earth beings are protected well.

If growing your own vegetables hydroponically is your hobby, you would probably need LED grow light since that is the best and cheapest source to produce fresh vegetables. LED lights though seems to be small contribution to reduce global warming issue however if everyone pursue LED we are more likely to produce big difference.

LED or light emitting diodes are activated when electricity runs through the semi conductor; it is a tried and decided technology that is far better than HID lights. HID lights are used for plant growth however their wavelength has found to be harmful for plants and vegetables. People are more likely to have health issues by having HID grown vegetables.

LED lights are economical and environment friendly devices that do not contain any damaging material or gas, thus preserving the goodness of environment. Moreover they are cheap enough and any one can afford them easily. Plants have found to be more responsive towards certain colors of spectrum; LED lights have an enhanced spectrum for blue and red light; to augment plant production and growth. Red light is used to boost up flowering plants whereas blue favors vegetative plants. They are required in adequate amount; LED is efficient enough to provide ample level of wavelength for plant growth.

They are forward biased and transmit light in single direction; you are more likely to place plants and flowers in front of the lights so that they grow efficiently. Since these lights are comparatively dim, you don't need any shades or reflectors to eliminate excess light. Moreover due to their faint light emission they produce low heat that is favorable for plant growth.

By emitting lights that are environment friendly and favors plant growth, LED lights are more likely to produce plants that are healthier and more productive. They are energy efficient and saves up to 70% of light energy as compare to other lamp's consumption. They are long lasting and free from any ballast thus there are lesser chances of any burn outs. Once you have installed a series of LED grow lights, you are more likely to grow healthy and yummy-licious vegetables for your dinner.

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